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For close to four decades, Guernica has dared to publish fine literature with a special understanding of different cultures.
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Canticles II: MMXIX
"To everything, there's first flourishing, then withering; stints of Authority and periods of Abdication; the echo of light be shadow. ~from “ecclesiastes -- III”"
Canticles II: MMXIX
George Elliott Clarke
Guernica Editions, Fall 2019
400 pages
Trade Paperback
ISBN13: 9781771834094
ISBN10: 1771834099
$29.95 Canada, $29.95 US
Canticles is a lyric-styled epic. This second testament--Canticles II (MMXIX) and the forthcoming Canticles II (MMXX)--issues re-readings--revisions, rewrites--of scriptures crucial to the emergent (Anglophone) African Diaspora in the Americas. Canticles II (MMXIX) follows Testament I (also issued in two parts--Canticles I [MMXVI] and Canticles I [MMXVII]) whose subject is History, principally, of slavery and imperialism and liberation and independence. Canticles II, the second part of a trilogy, is properly irreverent where necessary, but never blasphemous. It is scripture become what it always is, really, anyway: Poetry.

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