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For close to four decades, Guernica has dared to publish fine literature with a special understanding of different cultures.
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William Hutt: Soldier Actor
"The funeral service was probably the most elaborate ever for a Canadian actor. Cars lined the road, with an overflow directed to neighbouring streets, as television cameras awaited a Who's Who of Canadian theatre making their way into the church filled with the sound of horns and timpani. Impressive floral bouquets were stuffed into large vases shaped like martini glasses in honour of the actor's favourite cocktail. His ashes rested in a large wooden urn, a scale model of the central pillar of the Festival stage."
Guernica Editions, Fall 2017
552 pages
ISBN13: 9781771832991
ISBN10: 1771832991
$37.95 Canada, $37.95 US
William Hutt showed that it was possible to be a great classical actor without sacrificing his Canadian accent or cultural identity. His imperishable portraits of Tartuffe, King Lear, Lear's Fool, Feste, Khlestakov, Duke Vincentio, Titus Andronicus, Timon, Argan, Lady Bracknell, James Tyrone, Sr., and Prospero ensured that he will be remembered as long as there is cultural memory. Offstage, he could be charming and witty or moody and oppressively grand. He remained the Duke of “Dark Corners” to many who wished to know him more intimately. In this detailed, probing, and thought-provoking biography, Keith Garebian weaves together Hutt's private and public lives, his most intense conflicts, deepest yearnings and anxieties in order to show how Hutt brought his life to his work and work to his life in a manner that left him vulnerable to wounds of the heart yet open to radical re-invention as an actor.

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