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For close to four decades, Guernica has dared to publish fine literature with a special understanding of different cultures.
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Fate's Instruments: No Safeguards 2 - Paul's Story
"“Vámonos,” the jailer said and got up. Three or so metres from his office, he stopped in front of a steel cage with bars from ceiling to floor on two sides, everything inside visible from the corridor. There was a solid wall on two sides. In the wall opposite the corridor was a space about half a metre square that opened to the outside. There were four vertical steel bars in it. The noise of the players, daylight, and a slight breeze came in through it. The jailer opened the door of the cell, motioned for me to enter, then slammed the door shut and locked it. Three men were in it: two of them, in their underwear, sat on a slab of about two-and-a-half metres: the length of the room; the third man-- toothless, completely naked, emaciated, his ribs visible--lay on the floor talking to himself."
Guernica Editions, Fall 2018
285 pages
Trade Paperback
ISBN13: 9781771832601
ISBN10: 1771832606
$25.00 Canada, $25.00 US
In Fate's Instruments, picking up the story from where Paul's brother Jay left it in No Safeguards, Paul, an aspiring writer, marries Carlos, with whom he lived in Guatemala, and brings him to Montreal. Things go wrong from the beginning, and they break up. Then fate, in the form of a brain tumour, strikes Paul. He receives support from Jay, Lionel (himself a brain tumour survivor), friends, and the enigmatic Professor Bram. But it is Paul's exploration of his Vincentian childhood and new-found love that restores his equilibrium.

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