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For more than three decades, Guernica has published fine Canadian literature with a special understanding of different cultures.
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A Hunger Artist & Other Stories; Poems and Songs of Love
"In the last few decades the interest in hunger artists has decreased dramatically. -- Kafka / Indeed the turn has come, the bond is at an end, / a bond made of waves of the sea of the world; -- Langer"
A Hunger Artist & Other Stories; Poems and Songs of Love
Franz Kafka, Georg Mordechai Langer, Thor Polson, Elana Wolff, Menachem Wolff
Guernica Editions, Fall 2014
228 pages
ISBN13: 9781550718676
ISBN10: 1550718673
Translated from the German
$20.00 Canada, $20.00 US
Franz Kafka's writings are characterized by an extreme sensitivity manifested in absurdity, alienation, and gallows humor. These two particular collections of short pieces, A Country Doctor (1919) and A Hunger Artist (1924), newly translated by Thor Polson, represent later works in the corpus. Poems and Songs of Love is a translation of the collection Piyyutim ve-Shirei Yedidot by Georg Mordechai Langer. Published in Prague in 1929, it contains an elegy to Langer's friend and mentor Franz Kafka, and other openly homo-romantic poems. This collaborative translation by Elana and Menachem Wolff brings the fascinating work of Langer--poems as well as an essay on Kafka--to the English-reading public for the first time, and sheds light on a hitherto unexamined relationship.

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