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Fiorina: A Woman in the Wind
Longbridge Books, Fall 2016
312 pages
Trade Paperback
ISBN13: 9781928065067
ISBN10: 1928065066
Translated from the Italian
$30.00 Canada, $30.00 US

“We are only what we remember to be.” Within these words, which the protagonist Fiorina addresses to her interviewer -- the narrator-author -- towards the end of the novel, is enclosed the deep meaning of Pietro Vitelli's fictional account. Vitelli places his characters in North America, Toronto to be precise, in order to more effectively contrast his native land of Italy. The characters speak in everyday language, which is in fact the language of life. The events being depicted, Fiorina's story -- her personal and family episodes, her passion, though unusual, and even extreme in its expression -- remains lively and intense. Its ending is not what the reader would expect. Finally, the novel also tells the author's story. His search for himself is woven through his narration of another person's story, which becomes his own.
I was so awed and amazed listening to their stories -- what they thought of or hoped for in the world in which they came to live, of the things they said to me about the life of famous Italian immigrants of the past -- that I wanted to write and publish a book on the history of Canada, as I had done on the life of Father Francesco Giuseppe Bressani. Now, I was in Canada to gather material to write a book about the life of Enrico Tonti.

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Fiorina: A Woman in the Wind