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Hotel Moonmilk
Eyewear Publishing, Fall 2013
70 pages
ISBN13: 9781908998132
ISBN10: 190899813X
$21.00 Canada, $21.00 US

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Since Procrustes chopped off the legs of his guests to make them fit the beds, the hotel has been a site of fear, fascination, fancy, a world in itself offering new possibilities and experiences. What's behind the hotel façade? This book explores some of the more unusual aspects of the ‘hotel experience' and mixes these poems with others which explore both darkness and redemption. Hotel Moonmilk is an exotic, yet intimate, collection of strikingly original, often eccentric poems, that tell stories about people and places, from China, to Africa, to Ireland. For Hillier, history is a living presence, and ecology is a chief concern. These are heartfelt, clever, and entertaining poems that show how all our lives are shared under one roof, the sky.

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Hotel Moonmilk