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Kaidenberg's Best Sons: A novel in stories
Guernica Editions, Spring 2021
2nd edition
260 pages
Kindle (eBook)
ISBN13: 9781771836531
ISBN10: 1771836539
$9.95 Canada, $7.95 US, £5.95 UK

Looking for the print edition?
Kaidenberg's Best Sons is an enthralling portrait of a community starting over in a new land. In a series of linked stories, author Jason Heit explores the lives and fortunes of people bound together by tradition, heritage and history, yet riven by envy, greed and lust. When a community of Eastern European settlers in North Dakota learn that there is promising farmland available in the newly established province of Saskatchewan they load their wagons and head north. Along with their furnishings, they also pack up their resentments, desires and ambitions and bring them to a new, unsettled land. Heit deftly captures both the promise of a new start in a new land and the long shadow of the past that is cast over the characters as they rebuild their lives.
The thing about feuds is sometimes you can be in one without really knowing it. For Father and me, it started outside that land titles office in Battleford. For Bernhard, it started some years before in North Dakota. He blamed us for ruining his fingers, which I'd admit we had a part in, but so did Bernhard, seeing how he had a bad habit of putting them where they didn't belong.

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Kaidenberg's Best Sons: A novel in stories