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Anthony: A Composite Novel
Guernica Editions, Fall 2021
170 pages
ePub (eBook)
ISBN13: 9781771836272
ISBN10: 177183627X
$9.95 Canada, $9.95 US, £7.95 UK

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Following a stranger hoping he's a long-lost friend. Breaking into a relative's home to retrieve your antidepressants. Planning to get pregnant, getting pregnant, and trying to tell your husband you don't want the baby. Waiting all evening for your wife to compliment your appearance, running a social experiment and getting blamed when a woman gets hit by a car. Getting fired after you're caught with your pants down at work. All these stories involve Anthony, a sensitive, insecure, mentally ill young man and aspiring filmmaker. The collection explores his experiences as he tries to cope with and overcome the fears driven by his obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety disorder, and clinical depression.

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Anthony: A Composite Novel