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Guernica Editions (MiroLand), Spring 2021
200 pages
ePub (eBook)
ISBN13: 9781771835930
ISBN10: 1771835931
$9.95 Canada, $7.95 US, £5.95 UK

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Drawing on her own experiences as a woman of Iranian and British Isle descent, writer Hollay Ghadery dives into conflicts and uncertainty surrounding the bi-racial female body and identity, especially as it butts up against the disparate expectations of each culture. Painfully and at times, reluctantly, Fuse probes and explores the documented prevalence of mental health issues in bi-racial women.
“What I mean,” I said to the therapist, “Is that I'm a tough pill to swallow. I don't make it easy for people to love me.” The therapist puts her pen and clipboard on her lap. She leans forward, reaching an arm out as if she's going to touch me, but stops short and rests her hand on her knee. “I very much doubt that's true,” she says. I shuffle my feet under my chair and force a laugh, waving my hand. “It's amazing how little of this has to do with him.”

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