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South China Sea: A Poet's Autobiography
Guernica Editions, Spring 2021
192 pages
Trade Paperback
ISBN13: 9781771835732
ISBN10: 1771835737
$25.00 Canada, $21.95 US, £16.95 UK

South China Sea is a poet's autobiography. Forgoing the props of conventional narrative, the book travels through space and time, revealing the moments in a life that anchor reality and constitute memory. In poems that compel us to remember and to re-evaluate our own personal stories, Norris travels back to a New York City childhood and to his years as a young man in the art and literary scene of Montreal, while moving forward in the present on a soul-changing journey through China. In the pages of South China Sea, memory and experience dance together through the complex maze of existence.
Red light! // Tom is in the air. // Artie says no, no, no / to all this rehashing / of Dada and Surrealism. // A verb tied to a possessive / handcuffed to an adjectivized / noun. // Tennis balls, no, / goat feet. // There's a simultaneity / in the air, and Nancy says / it just won't do. // Lost in the General, misunderstanding.

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