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The Archeology of a Good Ragù: Discovering Naples, My Father & Myself
Guernica Editions (Guernica World Editions), Spring 2021
285 pages
Trade Paperback
ISBN13: 9781771835534
ISBN10: 1771835532
$20.00 Canada, $17.95 US, £11.95 UK

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The Archeology of a Good Ragù offers a unique take on the recovery narrative. A damaged but savvy author finds new wholeness by way of a fascinating old city: Naples, Italy. John Domini's exploration of the place--little known to North Americans, yet rich in culture and challenge--draws on decades of research, living with local friends and family. His work has appeared previously in the New York Times and elsewhere, and he's published award-winning Neapolitan novels. This memoir will take readers into the back alleys and hidden beaches. It will examine intricacies of both romance and crime, and provide insight into the latest Naples immigrants, African refugees. Overall, The Archeology of a Good Ragù turns the city into a prism that throws its colors across both urban and spiritual experience, everywhere.
This hub of a Janus-faced Siren (to dream up an incongruous creature, bicultural, both Roman god and Greek monster), this city that triggers baroque aspiration yet burns away, infernally, all hope--incongruous as the creature may be, to me it remains one thing always. To me it's the locus of renewal. A very old metropolis, nonetheless it left me rejuvenated, remade in midlife.

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The Archeology of a Good Ragù: Discovering Naples, My Father & Myself