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Crito Di Volta: An Epic
Guernica Editions, Spring 2020
177 pages
Trade Paperback
ISBN13: 9781771835213
ISBN10: 1771835214
English, French, Italian, Spanish
Translated from the English
$25.00 Canada, $25.00 US

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When 26-year old Crito Di Volta is released after 10 years of psychiatric institutionalization, he develops and launches Mortarismo--a new socio-political, psycho-spiritual, artistic movement-- with the aim of deinstitutionalizing, and eventually reconnecting with, all of humanity. Called a work of genius and a poem that exceeds Allen Ginsberg's Howl in both authenticity and intensity, di Saverio's epic Crito Di Volta is a strong pronouncement on civil rights, religion and art; and a daring revolt against the platitudes of contemporary Western society.
Be in me as the brusque verity of a cadaver, and not as anything hazy: an Afghan field of poppies for the unrequited lover. Have me in the intensity of Christ on the cross, a second before he gave, and not in the calm comfort of a lover in my arms. Let us to the prisoners of war who'll hang themselves, and not to the easy chit-chat of drunk inheritor-dandies …

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Crito Di Volta: An Epic