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Rivers Applaud Forever
Guernica Editions, Spring 2019
136 pages
Trade Paperback
ISBN13: 9781771833608
ISBN10: 1771833602
$20.00 Canada, $20.00 US

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In Rivers Applaud Forever, Raymond Filip, the craftsman and musician, showcases his spoken-word texts that perform on a silent page, as well as his "say then play" recitals on stage. This collection features free verse and end rhymes; satire and nature studies; a concrete poem and a proem; a linked sequence of narratives, and a long bird call to the uncaptured. Filip's peace process comes to terms with his birth and disfigurement in a displaced persons camp after World War II; the unspeakable abuses of growing up with domestic violence and a broken home in the riverside slums of Montréal; his adventures as part of the resistance movement that led to Lithuanian independence; the ups and downs of a mixed marriage to a Filipina; his battle with cancer; the journey of faith and global identity; and the joys of defying his age through his first love: sports.
The cheer of a river, a mouth,/ Recurrently says in one glance,/ Or a trance: enchanté./ All my springs are for you.

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