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Guernica Editions, Fall 2018
142 pages
Trade Paperback
ISBN13: 9781771832571
ISBN10: 1771832576
$20.00 Canada, $20.00 US

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Myth, folklore, and magic permeate the stories in Marianne Micros' collection Eye. Set in ancient and modern Greece, and in contemporary Europe and North America, these tales tell of evil-eye curses, women healers, ghosts, a changeling, and people struggling to retain or gain power in a world of changing beliefs. Here you will find stories of a nymph transformed into a heifer, a young soldier who returns home to discover that his brother is a changeling, a betrayed woman lost in a labyrinth, a wise woman whose position is threatened by modern technology. Some stories show that people still seek refuge in myth and folk beliefs; the ways of the past continue to influence the present. The paving of a village does not destroy the power of the evil eye or the ability to repel it. A temple in honour of the old gods comes again to the surface. An unfinished musical composition for piano magically completes itself whenever it is played. Magic is not dead but rises again in unexpected ways.
Eating grass. I am eating grass. I don't know why. I remember only his whispering to me, that buzzing in my ear. I chew slowly. My jaw circles around the tough blades. They slip down into my stomach. Why am I so heavy? I try to lift my arms. I lift up one -- not an arm, it is a leg, I see a hoof, not the lovely nails my sister painted for me yesterday. Yesterday? Was it all a dream? Am I dreaming now? I still hear the whispering, telling me I am beautiful -- and luscious. -- From “One Hundred Eyes”

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