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Guernica Editions, Fall 2017
86 pages
Trade Paperback
ISBN13: 9781771832137
ISBN10: 1771832134
Translated from the French
$12.00 Canada, $12.00 US

  Eligible for a free book
Rooms is lyrical and meditative, painterly, erotic and philosophical. The book is thematically and structurally a unity, but a unity of many parts, one and multiple. Rooms, many-chambered, purposeful and highly stylized yet light, light and airy as a beehive. Rooms plays like a late 20th century blues-inflected jazz. There are multiple melodies, linked through motifs and memory: recurrent variations on several themes--childhood, life and death, love, memory and duration. Throughout, you find yourself lending the poems your soul as well as your ear.
my hands, your hands. your lips. on my breasts, on my belly. bodies that seek one another … you speak of “the little death.” i say the sheets become flesh.

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