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The Divine Genome
Guernica Editions, Fall 2017
82 pages
Trade Paperback
ISBN13: 9781771831949
ISBN10: 1771831944
$12.00 Canada, $12.00 US

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Perhaps in one sense, according to the author, Thomas Krampf's new book of poems, The Divine Genome, might just be another stop on a long spiritual and poetic journey. This would have begun a number of years ago with the publication of his first book, Subway Prayer and Other Poems of the Inner City. But in another sense, and following the dictates of a more recent poem, “The Recluse,” this book might also reflect a new need for an inner quietude, and the ability to effortlessly abandon one dimension of time, to enter another. And all the while, in this periodic quest, not to depart from some earlier themes of social justice, madness, and our common human penchant for violence. But one thing is sure. In an often very striking poetic and personal language, Thomas Krampf won't provide you with any answers. In this highly technological age, at each stop along the way, he will only ask you to share with him, the chance to get on or off.
Stripped of / its delicate boat-like / blossoms // The poppy prepares / to drop the dark opiate / of its seed // To satisfy the cravings / of the earth --

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The Divine Genome