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Through the Sad Wood Our Corpses Will Hang
Guernica Editions, Fall 2017
252 pages
Trade Paperback
ISBN13: 9781771831567
ISBN10: 1771831561
$20.00 Canada, $20.00 US

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At twenty, Sheyda Porrouya's life is almost over. Born in Iran on the day staunchly orthodox mullas declare the birth of the Islamic Republic, she is witness to their purging of the country of all things Western and un-Islamic. To make matters worse, as she matures, Sheyda seems increasingly unable to distinguish between fairy tale and reality. And her behaviour becomes increasingly erratic. Accused of killing her mother, Sheyda is sentenced to death by hanging. As she awaits either release or execution, the narrative jumps back and forth from Sheyda's childhood to life in one of Iran's most notorious prisons.
I was called Lady Whore so often that the guards finally picked up the name and started teasing me with it too, except that they would add my full name to it and bark Lady Whore Sheyda Porrouya before collapsing onto their backs in thigh-slapping laughter. Within three days, my real name had become so out of use that when I was called Sheyda, it took me a few seconds to realize that I was the one being addressed. A few more weeks in here, I thought, and my whole identity would be annihilated. Maybe that's the point of incarceration: Erasing you from the world's memory and from your own memory in fragments … until you realize that you never really existed in the first place. Who will mourn you then?

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Through the Sad Wood Our Corpses Will Hang