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Maniac Drifter
Guernica Editions, Fall 2016
236 pages
Trade Paperback
ISBN13: 9781771830652
ISBN10: 1771830654
$15.00 Canada, $15.00 US

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When Harper Martin drifts into a sleepy Cape Cod resort with a mysterious investment plan, he unleashes a firestorm involving the F.B.I., the State Department, the government of Nicaragua, and the J. Paul Getty Museum. Laura Marello's hilarious new novel features a surreal cast of characters, among them the Souza Family (“Provincetown's version of the Kennedys. They were handsome, glamorous, Catholic and doomed”), Voodoo Woman, and a parrot named Sydney Greenstreet. We come to know them all -- fishermen, artists, drug dealers, owners of bars both gay and straight -- through the lens of a winsome young amnesiac whose own past is shrouded in mystery. Marello's passion for art and film, seen in her earlier work, helps propel the action forward to its riotous conclusion; her love for the glorious foibles of our human nature, rendered with compassion as well as humor, keeps us caring about what happens. -- Constance Solari, author of Sophie's Fire
I'm in a movie, I thought as I sat up in bed. This town's a goddamn movie. That's when I looked around the room and realized I wasn't at home.

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