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The Morelli Thing
Guernica Editions, Fall 2015
222 pages
Kindle (eBook)
ISBN13: 9781771830317
ISBN10: 177183031X
$9.95 Canada, $9.95 US

Looking for the print edition?
After an old man with a dark past smashes the guitar of private investigator Eliot Conte's adopted child Angel, the man is mysteriously killed. The violence-prone Conte becomes the chief suspect. Angel, a gifted hacker, digs into the past of the old man only to discover a notorious cold case, the murder of Fred Morelli. The past unfolds under the skilled computer hands of Angel coupled with the coaxing of the Golden Boys, a group of neighborhood guys well along in years, long obsessed by the murder of their very own Italian-American Jay Gatsby, the owner of a long lost night spot, The Ace of Clubs.
Bocca yanks the guitar from Angel's hands and ... begins to smash it, six times on the table, pieces flying ...

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