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Rust Is a Form of Fire
Guernica Editions, Spring 2015
118 pages
Trade Paperback
ISBN13: 9781550719277
ISBN10: 1550719270
$12.00 Canada, $12.00 US

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Joe Fiorito spent 18 hours in total, over the course of three days, on the corner of Victoria and Queen in downtown Toronto watching the city go by and recording what he saw. The rhythms of the city ebb and flow according to the time of day. The declarative sentence is the best brush to paint an objective portrait of the city we live in. It is an example of what happens when you stay put and observe a single place or thing for a very long time.
Metropolitan United Church. / A man takes a snapshot of the spires. / A man sleeps on the grass. / A man sleeps on the steps of the church.

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Rust Is a Form of Fire