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Where spaces glow: selected poems
Guernica Editions, Fall 2013
112 pages
Trade Paperback
ISBN13: 9781550716993
ISBN10: 1550716999
English, French
Translated from the French
$12.00 Canada, $12.00 US

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Francis Catalano's poetry speaks of space, place and people. In the extracts from Index and qu'une lueur des lieux geographical, geological, geometrical and ancestral textures, shapes and colours kaleidoscope to create powerful North American landscapes. Wide open skies, craggy mountains, blinding snow, endless straight black top roads and fast food outlets reflect, refract and radiate in multi-facetted verse. In Romamor, framed within a city's walls, another dimension is added contrasting light and darkness, space and proximity. Where Spaces Glow invites you to reach out and feel the finely chiselled, radiant pieces of Catalano's beautifully crafted poetic terrestrial jigsaw.
From the rectangle of the small bedroom / I observe the dust / from the window deposit itself, / burying my feet outlined on the marble. / The ruins are what they are: / of yesterdays and todays, mine.

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