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Where the Sun Shines Best
Guernica Editions, Spring 2013
72 pages
Kindle (eBook)
ISBN13: 9781550716955
ISBN10: 1550716956
$6.95 Canada, $6.95 US

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Three Canadian soldiers awaiting deployment to Afghanistan beat a homeless man to death on the steps of their armoury after a night of heavy drinking. The poet, whose downtown Toronto home overlooks the armoury and surrounding park, describes the crime, its perpetrators, the victim, and a cast of homeless witnesses that includes the woman, a prostitute, who first alerts police. The subsequent trial evokes reflection on the immigrant experience the poet shares with one of the accused, and on the agony of that young soldier's mother. From Kandahar to Bridgetown to Mississauga, Ontario, Where the Sun Shines Best encompasses a tragedy of epic scope, a lyrical meditation on poverty, racism and war, and a powerful indictment of the ravages of imperialism.
I HAVE walked on these artificial, rolled-up leaves, long-lasting and long out-living the fall of foot and instep, flowers of cream plastic, a patch of two red ones, boasting virulence in a man who has lasted longer than the red and yellow fallen leaves from the trees whose names I do not remember.

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