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Maria Campbell: Essays On Her Works
Guernica Editions, Spring 2013
200 pages
ePub (eBook)
ISBN13: 9781550716498
ISBN10: 1550716492
$10.95 Canada, $10.95 US

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Born near Park Valley, Saskatchewan, on Crown land, often referred to by locals as a road allowance community, Maria Campbell is the oldest of 8 children. Much of her early years are revealed in Halfbreed, the book which would ultimately ensure that Campbell's life would take a path as a writer, an artist, a community worker and social rights advocate. Campbell has received four honorary doctorates, the Order of Canada, is a Trudeau Mentor, and has garnered numerous awards for her contribution to Métis and Aboriginal people's and women's rights in Canada, and for her efforts to preserve traditional knowledge, as well as promote the practice of indigenous knowledge. In addition to writing, Campbell has produced plays, film, television and radio shows, all dedicated to promoting Métis and Aboriginal culture. Among the book's contributors are: Jolene Armstrong, Susan Gingell, Melissa Lam, Kerstin Knopf, Michael Lahey, Helen Hoy, Laure J. Murray, and Dylan A.T. Miner.
Campbell is a feminist, an activist, a visionary, an artist, a mother, a grandmother, and an elder.

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Maria Campbell: Essays On Her Works