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Poet to Poet: Poems written to poets and the stories that inspired them
Julie Roorda (Editor) and Elana Wolff (Editor)
Guernica Editions, Spring 2013
186 pages
ePub (eBook)
ISBN13: 9781550716467
ISBN10: 1550716468
$10.95 Canada, $10.95 US

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Poets find inspiration in all manner of human experience, from the comical to the sombre. The creative processes by which they grow their poems to fruition are as diverse, and often as quirky, as their subjects. But what all poets have in common is their captivation by the work and lives of other poets, living and dead. Poet to Poet is a unique anthology that honours, and probes, this peculiar enchantment. Featuring work by Canadian poets written to, about, or in the manner of other poets, each poem is accompanied by a back story that provides a glimpse into the creative cauldron and the poetic communion of kindred spirits.
Five times the fish says yes to the hook,/ no to the tug, five times keeps/ what's given, and so the poet lets it/ go (into wallpaper, similes,/ feathers) into the greasy/ rainbow. Can art/ cancel ruin? Who am I/to gulp the world and live? -- Stephanie Bolster

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