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Exploding into Night
Guernica Editions, Fall 2009
56 pages
Trade Paperback
ISBN13: 9781550713077
ISBN10: 1550713078
$9.00 Canada, $9.00 US

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In Exploding into Night, Sandy Pool delves into the heart of a grisly murder that took place in the Parkdale area of Toronto. With its dazzling turns and deafening silence, this narrative poem is a stark reappraisal of urban existence and its heartache. Pool's metaphysical landscape speaks in multiple voices and prods the very nature of our collective conscience. A selection of poems from this collection was awarded First Place in the 2009 Elora Writers' Festival Poetry Contest. The collection has been short-listed for the 2010 Governor General's award for English poetry.
Every Sunday my mother calls to tell me about some kid who's gone missing in this city. I'm not surprised. I don't tell her about the cats, or those white vans, disembodied specters roaring into dark.

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Exploding into Night