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Confetti for Gino
Guernica Editions, Fall 2011
424 pages
Mass Market
ISBN13: 9781550712247
ISBN10: 1550712241
$15.00 Canada, $15.00 US

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A realistic portrayal of the Sicilian fishing community in San Diego in the 1950s, Confetti for Gino centers around the DeMarino family, in particular fishing boat captain Gino DeMarino's stubborn attempts to break away from tradition by vowing to marry a woman from outside the Italian community, and his mother's fight to ensure he marries someone within the community. The novel shows how kinship and family proved more visceral than the notions of individuality and independence that were emerging at the time. In the end, Gino learns that he can't break away because he has nothing to "catch him"on the other side. The family, the community, the life as a tuna boat captain are who he is and are what define him.
The crew worked frantically while Gino leaned over them from the bait box, yelling at the men to pull with all their strength. He cursed them wildly each time a tuna escaped and the line snapped free. The sight of so much tuna after empty weeks at sea sent Gino into a frenzy. The fishermen couldn't jerk in the yellowfin fast enough for him.

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Confetti for Gino