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Lead Blues
Guernica Editions, Fall 1990
48 pages
Trade Paperback
ISBN13: 9780920717431
ISBN10: 0920717438
Translated from the French
$5.00 Canada, $5.00 US

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In Quebec, Alonzo is a well-known poet, writer, critic, and publisher (les éditions Trois). Lead Blues is the first translation into English of any of her work. A slim volume comprising 32 pages of poetry, it can be read either as one long poem or with as many interruptions as the reader desires. Indeed, Alonzo's poetic text may leave the reader of traditional poetry quite breathless. Reading her work is like entering another country, another mind, another form. As William Donoghue, her translator, remarks, “A certain letting go is required.” Lead Blues demands that the reader listen to the verse--which isn't really verse--and travel with the poet. It makes for an excellent trip. Donoghue has prefaced the book with an essay on Alonzo, followed by an essay on the art of translation.

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