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A Bride in Three Acts
Guernica Editions, 1983
Trade Paperback
ISBN13: 9780919349339
ISBN10: 0919349331
$15.00 Canada, $15.00 US

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Mary Melfi's poetry is, despite its use of tough, surprising, visual comparisons, very direct. Her words strike like a hammer on a nail. The images arise from our highly technological world. Melfi does not care for lace gloves, Persian carpets, or the panoramas of Northern intangible greenery. Whatever lifts man and woman to the brightness of their union finds warmth in her heart. Whatever makes man and woman rot from the inside is crushed by Melfi's pitiless cynicism. A collection of poems that reads like a play.
Hope is a woman with a gold watch chain,/ swinging it right and left, left and right .../ ordering everything to be under her control and to be dazzled by it.

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