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Fables for Isolated Men
Guernica Editions, Spring 1982
82 pages
Trade Paperback
ISBN13: 9780919349193
ISBN10: 0919349196
$15.00 Canada, $15.00 US

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Although his work has appeared in most of Canada's prestigious magazines, Fables for Isloated Men is Barry Dempster's first collection of poems. What in this book seems at first an innocent consideration of the workings of convention and habit turns out to be a superlatively crafted study of what really goes on behind the façade of consciousness. At times language itself must be ripped open so that facts may reveal themselves to be as deep and as meaningful as dreams. Dempster is a psychological poet; he masters the sense of observation and will not content himself with easy answers.
My father had married/ once before. Two families,/ two eyes, the seasons parted/ somewhere in the centre/ by the cold or warmth of air.

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