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Life Stories
I have written Life Stories virtually in the space of one breath -- these stories...
This is a translation by two-time Governor-General's award-recipient Nigel Spencer of award-winning Quebecois writer Lise...
The Tangible Word
The four texts brought together for the first time in this volume as The Tangible...
Secret Transfusions is the first dual-language annotated edition of Samuel Beckett's translations of Italian literature (Comisso, Franchi and Montale) since these translations were published in the Modernist literary journal This Quarter in 1930. This early work already displays Beckett's genius for language and for translation as original writing.
Secret Transfusions

Samuel Beckett, Marco Sonzogni
Secret Transfusions
Writing Our Way Home
Natural Stories #1
Three by Three
Bittersweet Pieces: A Collection of Dutch Short Stories
Unholy Stories
Vanishing Villages