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Passenger: Selected Poems
Passenger is a selection of Antonio Porta's works that were published between 1958 and 1979....
Portrait of a husband with the ashes of his wife
Portrait of a Husband with the Ashes of His Wife addresses themes of destiny and...
Tell the Oak Tree to Grow Faster: Selected Aphorisms
Tell the Oak Tree to Grow Faster is the first book of Maria Luisa Spaziani's...
Sarrasine: A Screenplay
In Montreal, at the beginning of the century, an Italian accidentally shot and killed a...
Writing Our Way Home
Writing Our Way Home is an important contribution to literary studies. “Italian-Canadian writers are not...
Star of Free Will
Amidst the many literary movements that have characterized Italian poetry since World War II, Spaziani...
It is 1955, and the three Fayette sisters have lived their whole lives in the enchanting French Quarter of New Orleans. Though neglected by their parents, they share a close bond with one another--from afternoons in their small, shared bedroom, to trying to speak with ghosts beneath the sweeping trees in their garden. When the middle sister Constance disappears, the family believes she has run away, as she has done before; it is only the youngest--thirteen-year-old Bonavere (known as Bonnie)--who suspects there is more to it. Met only with grief from her family and resistance from the police, Bonnie embarks...

"As the evening crept on, I looked up to find Fritzi with her forehead low against her fingertips. She was standing in the one spot untouched by the marmalade light of our lamp, and the night collected over her like an overhanging shade. “I shouldn't have let her run off... "
Bonavere Howl

Caitlin Galway
Bonavere Howl
Viamerica: The Eyes
For the Baptism of Our Fragments
Elsewhere on Earth
Ten Letters to Montaigne
Breathing Underwater
The Blueness of Light: Selected Poems: 1988-2002
Stones into Bread
French Poets of Today
The Courage of Poetry
Girls Closed In