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Devour Me Too
This is Dacia Maraini's third book of poetry, a translation of her Italian collection Mangiami pure.
The Ocean in the Well
This is the story of a struggle between love for God and love of a...
Les Âges de l'amour
Les Âges de l'amour c'est le givre et le feu, l'eau et les flammes, la...
Despite My Growling Heart
Published in French as Quoique mon coeur en gronde ... (1985), Despite My Growling Heart...
The Anarchist Banker: A new Interpretation and a new English Translation with the original Portuguese Edition
The story of The Anarchist Banker takes place in a Lisbon café where the narrator...
Concrete City: Selected Poems
The retroglances and the stargazing -- Marlene Marilyn Judy Ava Rita Peggy -- the tension...
André Roy's poetic universe is rich in imagery which can, at first glance, be disquieting. The version here, as in all worthwhile poetry, is unique, deeply personal but presented with the craftsman's gift for making his personal perspective on things important to others. His texts are pleasure recollected in tranquility but as Roy records it in poetry the pleasure becomes intellectualized, the erotic is abstracted, and love, as the poet says, is a word.
The Passions of Mr. Desire: Selected Poems

André Roy, Daniel Sloate
The Passions of Mr. Desire: Selected Poems
Life Stories
The Four Roads Hotel
The Absolute Is a Round Die
Breathing Underwater
Elsewhere on Earth
Crito Di Volta: An Epic
Here And Not Elsewhere: Selected Poems: 1990-2010
Cosmic Bowling
Pellucid Waters: Selected Poems
Estonian Elegy: Selected Poems
Love Letters
A Still Life: Selected Poems (1960-2010)