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Croton Elegies
This collection of poetry, inspired by Antonio Barolini's residence in Croton-on-Hudson, New York, was originally...
Here And Not Elsewhere: Selected Poems: 1990-2010
A bilingual English-Italian collection of poetry from one of Switzerland's widely published Italian-language poets and critics.
A Hunger Artist and Other Stories; Poems and Songs of Love
Kafka's writings are characterized by an extreme sensitivity manifested in absurdity, alienation, and gallows humor,...
A Father's Revenge
A Father's Revenge is a disturbing and finely-wrought crime novel. The author takes us on...
If This Were Death
In If This Were Death, Paul Chanel Malenfant mourns the loss of a beloved woman...
Portrait of a husband with the ashes of his wife
Portrait of a Husband with the Ashes of His Wife addresses themes of destiny and...
The Courage of Poetry is an ars poetica, not in a technical sense, but as a declaration of the intent and function of poetry. As such it treats the most general and lofty themes with the most serious of purposes. Despite the very largeness of the questions it poses, however, The Courage of Poetry is precise in its analysis of the specificity of Western culture --Sherry Simon, Essays on Canadian Writing.

"The luminous rigor of the poem cuts through doubt. Beguiled, in the inevitable chaos into which the seeker sank, a center of gravity. Crown of an ultimate crystal the nucleus dark of silence."
The Courage of Poetry

Paul Chamberland, Raymond Chamberlain
The Courage of Poetry
A Small Map of Experience: Reflections & Aphorisms
The Passions of Mr. Desire: Selected Poems
Isabelle's Notebooks
Ten Letters to Montaigne
Molisan Poems: Selected Poems
then touch me here
Secret Transfusions
Girls Closed In
The Tangible Word
The Place Where Your Soul Dwells
Viamerica: The Eyes