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Girls Closed In
In this novel from a Quebecois feminist writer, a shy sixteen-year-old falls in love with...
Chronicling the conflicts and misunderstandings between a father and his son as Italian immigrants in Montreal.
The Trestler House
In this postmodern novel about shifting views of history, a young journalist covering the visit...
The Sandwoman
Ouellette-Michalska's feminism is subtle. She understands that repression imprisons men as well as women ......
Dark Man
The appearance of Dark Man cannot be an event without consequence. Once come into this...
Intimate Dialogues
There are two of them, she and he. They live together. She would like to...
The captivating story of a close encounter between a whale and a woman told from the perspective of both protagonists.
The Blue Whale

Stanislao Nievo, Gaetano Rando
The Blue Whale
Fabrizio's Passion
In the Claws of the Cat
A Beach in Maine
Isabelle's Notebooks
The Stalinist's Wife
Amazon Angel
Broke City
Women and Lovers
À la hauteur de Grand Central Station je me suis assise et j'ai pleuré
The Past at Our Feet