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À la hauteur de Grand Central Station je me suis assise et j'ai pleuré
By Grand Central Station est l'une des oeuvres les plus dénudées, les plus écorchées vives...
Fiorina: A Woman in the Wind
“We are only what we remember to be.” Within these words, which the protagonist Fiorina...
In this classic love story featuring passion, jealousy and murder, and set in pre-World War...
Exterminated Angel
Gérald Godin gives us an astonishing first novel written in the tradition of the American...
La Famille Gaetano
La Famille Gaetano is the French translation of F.G. Paci's The Italians (1978), considered one...
Winter in Montreal
This novel consists of two stories that become one. The first recounts the delusions of...
In a letter that she writes to a certain Théodore, the narrator in Images evokes a tumultuous period in her life: her adolescence. During this period, filled with anxiety and panic, she found help and comfort from Dorothée, a young woman barely older than her, who helped her escape her nightmare existence. What was the young Isaac so afraid of at the time? And why is she now remembering the terrifying events of her youth? Images is about the fear of dying, the pull death has on us, and how we seek the help and comfort of others in an...

"The fear is overpowering. So overpowering. Sometimes I can no longer move. I remain lying down in fear. I can hardly breathe,"

Louise Bouchard, Christine Tipper
Olivo Oliva
Angelina's Lips
Women and Lovers
A Father's Revenge
The Coincidence
Doubly Suspect
The Death of André Breton
The Blue Whale
In the Claws of the Cat
The Sandwoman
Girls Closed In