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The Sandwoman
Ouellette-Michalska's feminism is subtle. She understands that repression imprisons men as well as women ......
The Daughter of Christopher Columbus
In this novel in verse, a beautiful and naive Columbia Columbus wanders through the world...
Girls Closed In
In this novel from a Quebecois feminist writer, a shy sixteen-year-old falls in love with...
À la hauteur de Grand Central Station je me suis assise et j'ai pleuré
By Grand Central Station est l'une des oeuvres les plus dénudées, les plus écorchées vives...
Portrait of a husband with the ashes of his wife
Portrait of a Husband with the Ashes of His Wife addresses themes of destiny and...
The Blue Whale
The captivating story of a close encounter between a whale and a woman told from...
With this psychological thriller, award-winning author Fulvio Caccia continues a trilogy that began in 2004 with The Gothic Line. Jonathan and Leila are two strangers who meet coincidentally in Paris. Soon, their budding romance leads them to discover that they share more than attraction. A dark episode took place between them, and will send their reality into a downward spiral.

"There is something not quite right about the man seated at the Cafe de la Poste. He looks like a heron that has somehow managed to fold its long slender legs under the table."
The Coincidence

Fulvio Caccia, Robert Richard
The Coincidence
Sleepless Nights and Days of Glory
Broke City
Made in Italy
La Famille Gaetano
The Death of André Breton
Dark Man
A Beach in Maine
Olivo Oliva
Women and Lovers
The Stalinist's Wife
Intimate Dialogues
The Four Roads Hotel