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Intimate Dialogues
There are two of them, she and he. They live together. She would like to...
Olivo Oliva
This fantastical novel opens with Pina, a young Sicilian woman, being seduced by the son...
Moncton Mantra
This is an autobiographical novel told in crisp, direct language about growing up and the...
Chronicling the conflicts and misunderstandings between a father and his son as Italian immigrants in Montreal.
The Blue Whale
The captivating story of a close encounter between a whale and a woman told from...
Fabrizio's Passion
Fabrizio's Passion is the author's English-language version of his French-language novel, Avril ou l'anti-passion. This...
In this classic love story featuring passion, jealousy and murder, and set in pre-World War II Iraq, Farida, a Jewish woman and cabaret singer, struggles for survival and her freedom in a world on the edge of upheaval and on which falls the dark shadow of war.

"She needed no one. She did not even have the need to dream. She was free. She was alone. The balance sheet was satisfactory. The sun would rise."

Naïm Kattan, Norman Cornett, Antonio D'Alfonso
The Strange Scent of Saffron
A Mystery in Naples
The Coincidence
The Stalinist's Wife
A Beach in Maine
Broke City
Doubly Suspect
Women and Lovers
Sleepless Nights and Days of Glory
La Famille Gaetano