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Maude is an artist. Bruno looks after her. Or does he sponge off her? Is...
The Death of André Breton
The Death of Andre Breton is fiction which reads like a detective novel. The suspense,...
Made in Italy
A tough and poignant novel that tells us the uncompromising story of Nora Moratti. The...
Dark Man
The appearance of Dark Man cannot be an event without consequence. Once come into this...
The Golden Shower: Or What Men Want
The first novel by renowned Slovene publisher, politician, and TV personality Luka Novak is an...
In the Claws of the Cat
In a small town like Chesterville, homicides are as rare as government grants. So it's...
This history of oppression and its effects, at the heart of a French-Canadian family in the 1950s and 1960s, depicts a combination of prohibitions and censures. While the father demands the children's slavish obedience and labour, the mother promises some protection from his tyranny--until the family settles into a flea pit hotel at the cross-roads of a practically deserted village. Surrounded by an impenetrable forest, the hotel hosts regulars that resemble characters from Hugo and Gorki, and family life declines. In hopes of escape, the younger daughter marries while the elder, against her parents' wishes, immerses herself in studies and...

"We children adopted submissive behaviour. Some of us practised the humility that is fitting for inferiors. We put on acts of gratefulness. 'Thank you' and 'excuse me' came to our lips at the slightest instance. Our mother tamed us, as she put it."
The Four Roads Hotel

France Théoret, Luise von Flotow
The Four Roads Hotel
La Famille Gaetano
The Sandwoman
Exterminated Angel
A Beach in Maine
The Daughter of Christopher Columbus
Isabelle's Notebooks
Women and Lovers
À la hauteur de Grand Central Station je me suis assise et j'ai pleuré
Portrait of a husband with the ashes of his wife
Doubly Suspect