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Sleepless Nights and Days of Glory
Tragedy at Montreal's End of the World restaurant. A little marriage fatigue, a cottage to...
A Beach in Maine
In this lyrical novella, reminiscent of Marguerite Duras, Suzanne Jacob describes the poignant sojourn of...
The Past at Our Feet
In short fragments and understated language, three women brought together by the death of a...
À la hauteur de Grand Central Station je me suis assise et j'ai pleuré
By Grand Central Station est l'une des oeuvres les plus dénudées, les plus écorchées vives...
A Mystery in Naples
In trying to uncover why Francesca Nobili killed herself, this mystery novel searches the politically...
A Father's Revenge
A Father's Revenge is a disturbing and finely-wrought crime novel. The author takes us on...
In this postmodern novel about shifting views of history, a young journalist covering the visit of a French prime minister to Quebec becomes fascinated by a newspaper photograph of historic Trestler House. Curious about how such a landmark sheds light on the difference between personal and national identity, she decides to research the history of the grand old building. As she tours the house and gathers documents, its many rooms become symbols of various historical narratives that describe place and time. Asking whether history can truthfully depict every aspect of an event, the novel considers the intrusion of memories and...
The Trestler House

Madeleine Ouellette-Michalska, W. Donald Wilson
The Trestler House
Isabelle's Notebooks
Fabrizio's Passion
The Death of André Breton
Moncton Mantra
Olivo Oliva
The Four Roads Hotel
Women and Lovers
Exterminated Angel
The Coincidence
The Golden Shower: Or What Men Want