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In this classic love story featuring passion, jealousy and murder, and set in pre-World War...
Portrait of a husband with the ashes of his wife
Portrait of a Husband with the Ashes of His Wife addresses themes of destiny and...
The Blue Whale
The captivating story of a close encounter between a whale and a woman told from...
Olivo Oliva
This fantastical novel opens with Pina, a young Sicilian woman, being seduced by the son...
Broke City
Jacques Renaud's Le casse, translated here as Broke City, is, if nothing else, an important...
Maude is an artist. Bruno looks after her. Or does he sponge off her? Is...
Gérald Godin gives us an astonishing first novel written in the tradition of the American thriller with a journalist whom Humphrey Bogart would have liked to have played as the protagonist.
Exterminated Angel

Gérald Godin, Judith Cowan
Exterminated Angel
The Trestler House
The Coincidence
À la hauteur de Grand Central Station je me suis assise et j'ai pleuré
The Stalinist's Wife
La Famille Gaetano
Fabrizio's Passion
Sleepless Nights and Days of Glory
The Death of André Breton
The Four Roads Hotel
The Daughter of Christopher Columbus