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America: La fortune d'un nom
The Renaissance Florentine navigator Amerigo Vespucci made two voyages to the West, the first in...
Halifax: The Other Door to America
Pietro Corsi's Halifax combines objective history with acute personal observations to create a vibrant portrait...
Tell the Oak Tree to Grow Faster: Selected Aphorisms
Tell the Oak Tree to Grow Faster is the first book of Maria Luisa Spaziani's...
Obsessed with Language: A Sociolinguistic History of Quebec
A fascinating study of the French-Canadian dialect, this insightful analysis examines the intimate relationship between...
A Small Map of Experience: Reflections & Aphorisms
To entail, scan and embrace more knowledge of what is and what ought to be...
On the Birth of Experimental Cinema
At the beginning of the twentieth century, the young unknown artists, Arnaldo Ginna, Bruno Corra,...
In October 1970, Canada experienced incredible social turmoil. What political restlessness that had been keeping Quebec on its toes finally exploded. Terrorist groups of young men and women, known as Front de libération du Québec (FLQ) decided to go down to the streets and attempted to bring about what had been for so long desired in many French-Canadian homes: Quebec's separation. Written in a compelling, personal style, Talking It Out is an inside account of one of the FLQ cells which kidnapped Pierre Laporte in October 1970, and the events as they unfolded from the perspective of the four men involved.
Talking It Out: The October Crisis from Inside

Francis Simard, David Homel
Talking It Out: The October Crisis from Inside
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