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Impromptu: A Trilingual Edition
This is a trilingual -- Italian, English and French -- edition of Amelia Rosselli's last...
Stones into Bread
This is a book about a small Southern Italian village and its offshoots in Toronto....
Writing Our Way Home
Writing Our Way Home is an important contribution to literary studies. “Italian-Canadian writers are not...
Interviews with the Phoenix
Translated from the French by Daniel Sloate, with an introduction and preface by Fulvio Caccia....
A Call for Cultural Symbiosis
In a provocative and thoughtful essay, Estonia's preeminent poet and cultural critic, Jüri Talvet, investigates...
Tell the Oak Tree to Grow Faster: Selected Aphorisms
Tell the Oak Tree to Grow Faster is the first book of Maria Luisa Spaziani's...
Gino Chiellino lives in Augsburg, Germany, and his collection of poems, Sich die Fremde nehmen (1992), won the Chamisso Prize.
Fremde: Discourse on the Foreign

Gino Chiellino, Luise von Flotow
Fremde: Discourse on the Foreign
The Southern Question
A Dive into My Essence
The Films of Jacques Tati
A Small Map of Experience: Reflections & Aphorisms
America: La fortune d'un nom
On the Birth of Experimental Cinema
Republic Denied: The Loss of Canada
Halifax: The Other Door to America
Delft Blue & Objects of the World: Archives I and II
Talking It Out: The October Crisis from Inside
The Life of Mozart
The Courage of Poetry