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The Southern Question
Antonio Gramsci's The Southern Question remains as provocative today as it was when it was...
Tell the Oak Tree to Grow Faster: Selected Aphorisms
Tell the Oak Tree to Grow Faster is the first book of Maria Luisa Spaziani's...
Stones into Bread
This is a book about a small Southern Italian village and its offshoots in Toronto....
Archives are often depicted as musty repositories, museum cellars, warehouses shoring up retaining walls against forgetfulness and the inevitable erosions of time. Objects deposited in the archives are tucked away for safekeeping. But Louise Warren's archives are not file boxes or document lockers. They are not relegated to closed cabinets in locked rooms. They are where writing goes and what writing does. Delft Blue & Objects of the World represent the first two of Warren's archival trilogy.

"I have always felt free in this solitude as I am nowhere else. Solitude is a room. I think that this retreat, this expression of self in solitude, manifests itself very early and that this need can be a sign of self-affirmation in the imaginary, a path toward art."
Delft Blue & Objects of the World: Archives I and II

Louise Warren, Karen McPherson
Delft Blue & Objects of the World: Archives I and II
The Courage of Poetry
Impromptu: A Trilingual Edition
Obsessed with Language: A Sociolinguistic History of Quebec
America: La fortune d'un nom
Tell Me What Moves You
A Call for Cultural Symbiosis