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A Dive into My Essence
This collection of prose pieces expressing the creative life of the enfant terrible of Quebecois...
A Small Map of Experience: Reflections & Aphorisms
To entail, scan and embrace more knowledge of what is and what ought to be...
Things That Fall
In French, Tombeau de Lou. At its origin, the death of the childhood friend, the...
The Tangible Word
The four texts brought together for the first time in this volume as The Tangible...
Tell Me What Moves You
Haeck's intensity is such that he needs to use the fragment to complete an on-going...
Concrete City: Selected Poems
The retroglances and the stargazing -- Marlene Marilyn Judy Ava Rita Peggy -- the tension...
Ouellette-Michalska's feminism is subtle. She understands that repression imprisons men as well as women ... The Sandwoman is dense and opaque, very like the world it portrays. But although the mirror Ouellette-Michalska holds up is clouded, it does provide a fascinating reflection.
The Sandwoman

Madeleine Ouellette-Michalska, Luise von Flotow
The Sandwoman
Exterminated Angel
French Poets of Today
Trivia Thief: Selected Poems
Crito Di Volta: An Epic
The Man Who Delivers Clouds
The Inventor of the Horse
Elsewhere on Earth
The Absolute Is a Round Die
News from the Blockade and Other Poems
Smile, you're getting old!
Dreaming Our Space