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In a letter that she writes to a certain Théodore, the narrator in Images evokes...
All I Have Is Words
For various reasons but particularly due to political censorship, my poetry, written in prison, was...
The Southern Question
Antonio Gramsci's The Southern Question remains as provocative today as it was when it was...
Nice People: A Collection of Dutch Short Stories
This is the second in a series of Dutch short stories edited for Guernica by...
then touch me here
Contrary to the opinion expressed by some regarding the senselessness of contemporary poetry, I have...
Les Âges de l'amour
Les Âges de l'amour c'est le givre et le feu, l'eau et les flammes, la...
Pietro Corsi's Halifax combines objective history with acute personal observations to create a vibrant portrait of the city (and the country) that has witnessed the arrival of millions of immigrants from around the world. It is the story of one immigrant's feelings as he journeyed from old to new; and it is the story of all immigrants who embark, for one reason or another, on such a journey.
Halifax: The Other Door to America
The Metamorphoses of Ishtar
Portrait of a husband with the ashes of his wife
Life Stories
Snow Drifts, I Sing: Selected Poems
The Savage Father
Estonian Elegy: Selected Poems
Elsewhere on Earth
The Nativity Scene
Sarrasine: A Screenplay
The Place Where Your Soul Dwells
Federico Garcia Lorca: Songs and Ballads