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We Come From The Same Light
Danielle Fournier was the winner of the 2010 Governor General's Award for French poetry for...
Translated by award-winning author Antonio D'Alfonso, this collection presents four books by prolific Quebec writer...
Maude is an artist. Bruno looks after her. Or does he sponge off her? Is...
Molisan Poems: Selected Poems
Although unknown in North America, Eugenio Cirese is one of Italy's most accomplished dialect poets,...
Federico Garcia Lorca: Songs and Ballads
Federico Garcia Lorca regarded his poems, essentially, as verbal music and, in fact, performed each...
Snow Drifts, I Sing: Selected Poems
Juhan Liiv (1864-1913) has the same significance for Estonian culture that Federico GarcĂ­a Lorca and...
A bilingual French-English selection of poems by Governor General award-winning Quebecois poet and songwriter.

"From the newly dead/ astar blossoms/ spirit hums/ an archangel smile/ under the ears shines/ a stainless ink"
Body of Night: Selected Poems

Gilbert Langevin, Marc Plourde
Body of Night: Selected Poems
Fiorina: A Woman in the Wind
Wings Folded in Cracks
The Life of Mozart
Dreaming Our Space
First Secrets and Other Poems
Cantos North / Cantos du nord: An English-French Bilingual Edition
Despite My Growling Heart
The Absolute Is a Round Die
Elsewhere on Earth
Instead of Whom Does the Flower Bloom: The Poems of Vlado Kreslin
The Clarity of Voices: Selected Poems 1974-1981
Of Snow, of Soul