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Cantos North / Cantos du nord: An English-French Bilingual Edition
Epic in scope, lyrical in its celebration of nature, frequently uncompromising in its portrayal of...
Passenger: Selected Poems
Passenger is a selection of Antonio Porta's works that were published between 1958 and 1979....
Here And Not Elsewhere: Selected Poems: 1990-2010
A bilingual English-Italian collection of poetry from one of Switzerland's widely published Italian-language poets and critics.
First Secrets and Other Poems
The images are limpid and precise: the poet's hand is sure in creating images that...
For The Maintenance of Landscape: Selected Poems
Most contemporary poets wear their cultural and artistic influences on their sleeve. Picking up a...
The Past at Our Feet
In short fragments and understated language, three women brought together by the death of a...
The original version of this play, the last part of a trilogy on the theme of immigration, won the Grand Prix du Journal de Montréal in 1989.
Beyond the Ruins

Marco Micone, Jill MacDougall
Beyond the Ruins
Concrete City: Selected Poems
First Secrets and Other Poems
Girls Closed In
Despite My Growling Heart
The Trestler House
The Four Roads Hotel
Directory of the Vulnerable
The Sandwoman
The Blue Whale
Dreaming Our Space
Fulvio Caccia: Selected Poems
Thérèse for Joy and Orchestra