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Mary Di Michele: Essays on Her Works
Mary di Michele is an extraordinary voice in Canadian poetry. From the award-wining Mimosa and...
Linda Rogers: Essays on Her Works
Linda Rogers is the poet of childhood. She is also a people's poet, a story...
Don McKay: Essays on His Works
Over the past thirty years, Don McKay has created one of the most original bodies...
Antonio D'Alfonso: Essays On His Works
This collection of essays is devoted to the work of Antonio D'Alfonso, a pivotal figure...
Austin Clarke: Essays On His Works
Culminating with the international success of The Polished Hoe in 2002, Austin Clarke has published...
Clark Blaise: The Interviews
Here is a lifetime's worth of reflection, of illumination, by one of North America's finest...
In 1978, a young Canadian writer named Aritha van Herk captured international attention by winning the first Seal Books (Canada) First Novel Award for her story about a pig farmer called Judith. She was twenty-four years old then and she has been writing steadily ever since. This book presents five essays on her work.
Aritha van Herk: Essays on Her Works
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Jane Urquhart: Essays on Her Works
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Clark Blaise: Essays on His Works
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