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P.K. Page: Essays on Her Works
In 2001, the International Year of the Poet, P.K. Page's "Planet Earth," based on lines...
Clark Blaise: Essays on His Works
This volume represents the first full-scale appreciation of Clark Blaise's writing in more than twenty-five...
Antonio D'Alfonso: Essays On His Works
This collection of essays is devoted to the work of Antonio D'Alfonso, a pivotal figure...
Joe Rosenblatt: Essays on His Works
This restless son of the Diaspora has worn out many pairs of shoes, alligator and...
Sharon Pollock: Essays on Her Works
This collection of essays is the first book on Sharon Pollock's work, a career which...
Daniel David Moses: Spoken and Written Explorations of His Work
This collection is a compelling examination and discussion of the work of Indigenous writer Daniel...
Anne Hébert made Quebec literature internationally known. Her poems, stories and novels brought the passion and mysteries of rural Quebec to wider audiences and forced English Canada to translate the French literature of North America.We can never forget the stories in Le Torrent or the poems in Le Tombeau des rois. We meet our sisters and brothers face-to-face on every page. These essays are a tribute to Hébert's literary grace and power as an author. The essays are by Annabelle M. Rea, Deborah Hamilton, Elodie Rousselot, Robert David Stacey, Bénédicte N. Mauguière, Lee Skallerup, and an interview with Anne Hébert by...
Anne Hébert: Essays on Her Works

Lee Skallerup Bessette
Anne Hébert: Essays on Her Works
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Compulsive Acts: Essays, Interviews, Reflections on the Works of Sky Gilbert
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