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Robert Kroetsch: Essays on His Works
These essays span the period of Kroetsch's writing. Included are previously published and new essays...
Clark Blaise: The Interviews
Here is a lifetime's worth of reflection, of illumination, by one of North America's finest...
Clark Blaise: Essays on His Works
This volume represents the first full-scale appreciation of Clark Blaise's writing in more than twenty-five...
Jane Urquhart: Essays on Her Works
Jane Urquhart has published three books of poetry, a collection of short stories and five...
Caterina Edwards: Essays on Her Works
This book on Edwards' work examines her literary achievement. Essays by Joseph Pivato, Elizabeth Sarlo-Hayes,...
Gary Geddes: Essays on His Works
Gary Geddes has been called Canada's best political poet. For almost forty years and in...
This book of essays examines the fictional work of Nino Ricci from a variety of critical perspectives. These perspectives include ideas about literature, culture, identity, politics, and society in terms of Canada and the modern world. Each contributor examines a specific novel or several novels, focusing on the prevailing themes and literary elements used by Nino Ricci to construct his work of fiction. This critical study allows the reader to enhance one's understanding of Nino Ricci's particular style and vision. It also provides an understanding of Nino Ricci's valuable contribution to contemporary Canadian fiction and world literature. The contributors in...

"The fact that there is a mythology attached to the experience of immigration … connects itself to the whole history of Western mythology …. That … is very much operative in the immigrant mind … I wanted to tie into that larger mythology."
Nino Ricci: Essays on His Works
Maria Campbell: Essays On Her Works
David Solway: Essays on His Works
Drew Hayden Taylor: Essays on His Works
Gail Scott: Essays on Her Works
Pier Giorgio Di Cicco: Essays on His Works
Frank Lentricchia: Essays on His Works
P.K. Page: Essays on Her Works
Africadian Atlantic: Essays on George Elliott Clarke
Aritha van Herk: Essays on Her Works
Richard Outram: Essays on His Works
David Adams Richards: Essays on His Works
Maria Mazziotti Gillan: Essays on Her Works