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Jack Hodgins: Essays on His Works
A master of magic realism Jack Hodgins has set his novels in rural Vancouver Island...
Joe Rosenblatt: Essays on His Works
This restless son of the Diaspora has worn out many pairs of shoes, alligator and...
Gail Scott: Essays on Her Works
This collection of essays examines the varied and influential work of Montreal writer Gail Scott,...
Caterina Edwards: Essays on Her Works
This book on Edwards' work examines her literary achievement. Essays by Joseph Pivato, Elizabeth Sarlo-Hayes,...
Kristjana Gunnars: Essays on Her Works
The writings collected here all testify to the complexity of Gunnars' literary visions as much...
Daniel David Moses: Spoken and Written Explorations of His Work
This collection is a compelling examination and discussion of the work of Indigenous writer Daniel...
This collection of essays is the first book on Sharon Pollock's work, a career which spans over thirty years and several cities. Essays by Anne F. Nothof, Malcolm Page, Robert Nunn, Diane Bessai, Susan Stratton, Heidi Holder, Craig Stewart Walker, and Kathy Chung. Sharon Pollock became the most controversial playwright in Canada with her plays.
Sharon Pollock: Essays on Her Works
Aritha van Herk: Essays on Her Works
Dany Laferrière: Essays On His Works
Robert Kroetsch: Essays on His Works
Richard Outram: Essays on His Works
Adele Wiseman: Essays on Her Works
Drew Hayden Taylor: Essays on His Works
Clark Blaise: The Interviews
Louis Dudek: Essays on His Works
Compulsive Acts: Essays, Interviews, Reflections on the Works of Sky Gilbert
Maria Campbell: Essays On Her Works
Jane Urquhart: Essays on Her Works
Mary Di Michele: Essays on Her Works