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In the Claws of the Cat
In a small town like Chesterville, homicides are as rare as government grants. So it's...
Radius Islamicus
Joseph, the tactician behind the Piccadilly Circus bombing and many other such events, finds himself...
Lucia's Eyes and Other Stories
The resistance of the human spirit in face of time, disloyalty, and oblivion is the...
Stained Glass
In Montreal in the spring of 1990, a woman named X falls in love with...
A Destroyer of Compasses
Sometimes lyrical, sometimes tough, these stories deal with the foibles and frailties of acutely drawn...
Fatal Light Awareness
Leonard Edison's wife has a dark and frightening premonition - that her husband will die...
After the fascinating liquid novel, Benedetta in Guysterland (Guernica, 1993), which won the American Book Award in 1994, Giose Rimanelli now presents us a new novel about academic life. Accademia deals with the day-by-day angst in a major American university. Stories of love relationships among nymphets, wives and student lovers (hetero/homosexual) unfold amid struggles for personal power in the realm of higher education. Professor Emeritus at the State University of New York at Albany, Giose Rimanelli gained international fame with some of his novels during the 1950s, translated from the Italian in many languages and also made into movies and...

Giose Rimanelli
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