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Zoo and Crowbar
The Wind has mysteriously caused the death of all people on earth -- except for...
Waiting for Stalin to Die
Fleeing Stalin's advance into Lithuania, shaken by communism and war, four refugees end up in...
Nice People: A Collection of Dutch Short Stories
This is the second in a series of Dutch short stories edited for Guernica by...
The Morelli Thing
After an old man with a dark past smashes the guitar of private investigator Eliot...
Notes of a Mediocre Man: Stories of India and America
Two brothers come to school and do nothing but tell stories. A young woman works...
Max's Folly
Max has been a freelance reporter dodging bullets in Latin America, a small-time newspaper editor...
We all know adults who are stranded in the amber of adolescence. Growing older but not necessarily growing up is the central theme of Middle-Aged Boys & Girls, featuring characters who, to varying degrees, are stuck in adolescent roles of rebel, outcast, enfant terrible and cool kid. All are linked by losses--of looks, of status, of job security, of health, of confidence--which forces them to life's inevitable turning point. Given that we are living in an age where fifty is the new forty, and forty is the new thirty, and twenty is the new god-knows-what, these stories, with their sometimes...

"You were naked a lot in those days. Or nude, you liked to put it, rolling out the word in your purring way, basking in the indecency of it, your ability to shock."
Middle-Aged Boys & Girls

Diane Bracuk
Middle-Aged Boys & Girls
That Summer in Provincetown
A Father's Revenge
The Mezzogiorno Social Club
The Beautiful West & The Beloved of God
Octopus Intelligence
The Daughter of Christopher Columbus
Tracie's Revenge & Other Stories
A Bridge of Leaves
Hard Edge
Weather Permitting & Other Stories
Sweet Hope
The Midwife of Torment & Other Stories