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In 1941, twelve-year-old Rivke Rosenfeld lives in the Warsaw Ghetto, where she witnesses German soldiers...
Trinàcria: A Tale of Bourbon Sicily
Drawing on history and family legend, Anthony Di Renzo presents a tale of progress and...
The Tangible Word
The four texts brought together for the first time in this volume as The Tangible...
Myth, folklore, and magic permeate the stories in Marianne Micros' collection Eye. Set in ancient...
Peace Tower
Peace Tower is about the struggles to adjust to the first year of marriage. Mark...
Doubly Suspect
A novel about seduction, which borrows from the detective genre and the psychological novel, offers...
No Safeguards, the first in a trilogy, follows Jay and his brother Paul from childhood to young adulthood. We witness the destructive impact of fundamentalist Christian beliefs on their mother and father, opposition to those beliefs by the boys' grandmother and each boy's very different response to their parents' religiosity. This becomes even more poignant after they leave their grandmother's comfortable home in St. Vincent to join their mother in Montreal. The revelation that both boys are gay adds to their sense of oppression and divides them from their mother, whose views are shaped by the church and the theology...

"I catch myself biting the nail of my right thumb, a habit Grama had tried in vain to break. I check my cellphone. Nothing. No message from Paul. I stare at Anna's outline in the dim light, at her chest rising and falling and quarrelling with the air it's pulling... "
No Safeguards

H. Nigel Thomas
No Safeguards
Ramya's Treasure
A Destroyer of Compasses
Falconi's Tractor
Island of the Nightingales
Mouth of Truth: Buried Secrets
Mobsters and Thugs: Quotes from the Underworld
The Trestler House
A Demon in My View
Sweet Hope
Girls Closed In
Kiss of the Beggar
Pillars of Lace: The Anthology of Italian-Canadian Women Writers