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Leper Tango
Leper Tango is an end of millennium tale of an ambulance-chasing lawyer who uses his...
Embracing Serafina
This book moves with compelling energy from the forests of north-western Ontario to the capitals...
Picture Theory
A novel first published in French in 1982, Picture Theory demonstrates Nicole Brossard's fiction théorique...
A Boy at the Edge of the World
Meet Daniel Garneau, your average gay hockey player from small-town Ontario. After moving to Toronto...
The New Vine
In post WWII Italy, Passero, the son of a winemaker killed by the Nazis, commits...
The Mezzogiorno Social Club
From Black Hand criminals to stand-up cops, from innocent victims and ordinary people to schemers...
Daniel, a young French-Vietnamese man, lies dying in a Montreal hospital. Spurned by his family for contracting AIDS in Provincetown, Daniel spends his last months in despair. Only his cousin Mai stays by his side to record the darkest of family secrets. From French Indochina to present day North America, this novel follows three generations of a Vietnamese family as they endure their own folly and the whims of history.

"My cousin Daniel passed away 28 years ago. The premature death of a talented young man brought incredible guilt to the family. And no one suffered this loss more than my mother. My mother did not wail like Uncle Hai did at the funeral parlour. Yet her silence spoke louder... "
That Summer in Provincetown

Caroline Vu
That Summer in Provincetown
Sweet Hope
Peace Tower
Italy Revisited: Conversations with My Mother
Notes of a Mediocre Man: Stories of India and America
A Feast of Brief Hopes
Mankind & Other Stories of Women
Intimate Dialogues
Breaking the Mould
Isabelle's Notebooks
The Death of André Breton
The Tenants of the Hotel Biron
A Demon in My View