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Mobsters and Thugs: Quotes from the Underworld
The pioneering American gangsters: perpetually appealing, forever misunderstood. Who were they and what were they...
The Tangible Word
The four texts brought together for the first time in this volume as The Tangible...
Mankind & Other Stories of Women
Marianne Ackerman's second collection of stories for Guernica puts the focus on women, their ascent...
Weather Permitting & Other Stories
The stories in this collection centre around new immigrants -- spirited people prepared to leave...
Vinnie and Me
Vinnie and Me, Fiorella De Luca Calce's second novel, could be considered the second part...
The Magic Dogs of San Vicente
The Magic Dogs of San Vicente is set in the aftermath of the war in...
Whether it's Toronto, a French or Italian town, Pierre L'Abbé's stories are rich with a sense of place where the ambiance and characters fuse in a loaded sense of expectation. The characters, much like those in Henry James, challenge the norms of their overbearing societies. Nothing turns out as expected, and the twists often come with a dose of black humour.
Kiss of the Beggar

Pierre L'Abbé
Kiss of the Beggar
Broke City
Song for My Father
Nobody Looks That Young Here
Stone Woman
Sometimes It Snows in America
Fatal Light Awareness
A Dive into My Essence
Head Games
Fabrizio's Passion
The House on Selkirk Avenue