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Picture Theory
A novel first published in French in 1982, Picture Theory demonstrates Nicole Brossard's fiction théorique...
American Stories
Pierre-Yves Pépin, born in the 1930s, is a geographer and a writer by trade. In...
Sweet Hope
Italians as indentured labourers in Southern cotton plantations at the turn of the twentieth century?...
Island of the Nightingales
These are stories of women searching for identity and place and purpose in an international...
Radius Islamicus
Joseph, the tactician behind the Piccadilly Circus bombing and many other such events, finds himself...
A Beach in Maine
In this lyrical novella, reminiscent of Marguerite Duras, Suzanne Jacob describes the poignant sojourn of...
A Voluntary Crucifixion traces the story of 20th century Canada through the MacKinnon clan and David J MacKinnon's life. Disillusioned with the slow death of the soul promised by life at a major Montreal law firm, MacKinnon ripped himself untimely from the profession, making a personal vow to discover society “from the bottom up”. A Voluntary Crucifixion recounts the tale of MacKinnon's adventures and misadventures from post-Tiananmen Hong Kong to various ports of call in the Indian Ocean, offering MacKinnon's views on everything from censorship to indigenous issues, all of which reflect his life ethos that the key to life...

"I have left too many casualties along the trail of this shattered dream to be blind to the impossibility of escape. I have betrayed my own flesh and blood until it became a habit. I buried secrets so deep within the catacombs of my heart, vowing that nothing but death... "
A Voluntary Crucifixion

David MacKinnon
A Voluntary Crucifixion
Faithful and Other Stories
A Destroyer of Compasses
The Tangible Word
Girls Closed In
Mobsters and Thugs: Quotes from the Underworld
That Summer in Provincetown
Fabrizio's Passion
Middle-Aged Boys & Girls
The Snows of Yesteryear
Where Seas and Fables Meet: Parables, Aphorisms, Fragments, Thought
Infertility Rites
Breaking the Mould