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Émile Nelligan: Selected Poems
This dazzling collection of poetry is the first ever translation into English of the work...
Tell the Oak Tree to Grow Faster: Selected Aphorisms
Tell the Oak Tree to Grow Faster is the first book of Maria Luisa Spaziani's...
Breaking the Mould
In this memoir Penny Petrone tells what it was like growing up in Northern Ontario...
Picture Theory
A novel first published in French in 1982, Picture Theory demonstrates Nicole Brossard's fiction théorique...
Blood of My Blood: The Dilemma of the Italian-Americans
Since its first publication in 1974, Blood of My Blood has become the most highly...
A Place of Light
Each of these impeccably crafted and sensitive stories is built around the outstanding ordinary individuals,...
An experiment in what the author terms "speculative history," this novel tracks the movements of a man haunted by the spirit of his deceased mother and dogged by the notion that Astoria - the Italian neighborhood in Queens where his mother grew up in the 1920s - is the true capital of the world. In 1986, two years after his mother's death, the narrator travels from Paris to New York to Rome, unable to escape the shadow of Napoleon, the historical figure he now associates with his mother. Weaving theory upon theory in an attempt to break the hold of...

Robert Viscusi
The Other Shore
Winter in Montreal
Secret Transfusions
The Voices We Carry: Recent Italian American Women's Fiction
Vendetta: The True Story of the Largest Lynching in U.S. History
Olivo Oliva
Passenger: Selected Poems
The Woman I Am
The Films of Jacques Tati