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First published in hardcover by Guernica in 1980 (as the third volume in the Essential...
Fabrizio's Passion
Fabrizio's Passion is the author's English-language version of his French-language novel, Avril ou l'anti-passion. This...
Breaking the Mould
In this memoir Penny Petrone tells what it was like growing up in Northern Ontario...
Dark Man
The appearance of Dark Man cannot be an event without consequence. Once come into this...
The Blue Whale
The captivating story of a close encounter between a whale and a woman told from...
Émile Nelligan: Selected Poems
This dazzling collection of poetry is the first ever translation into English of the work...
This novel consists of two stories that become one. The first recounts the delusions of a poor Italian peasant, and the second tells us of the way power is exercised Mafia-style by a prominent member of the Italian community.
Winter in Montreal

Pietro Corsi
Winter in Montreal
The Tough Romance
Son of Italy
Secret Transfusions
Claiming Kin
The Other Shore
A Mystery in Naples
Vendetta: The True Story of the Largest Lynching in U.S. History
Arrangiarsi: The Italian Immigration Experience in Canada
Tell the Oak Tree to Grow Faster: Selected Aphorisms
The Films of Jacques Tati