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Blood of My Blood: The Dilemma of the Italian-Americans
Since its first publication in 1974, Blood of My Blood has become the most highly...
Made in Italy
A tough and poignant novel that tells us the uncompromising story of Nora Moratti. The...
This is the poetry by Nicole Brossard who has become well known as a lesbian...
Secret Transfusions
Secret Transfusions is the first dual-language annotated edition of Samuel Beckett's translations of Italian literature...
The Southern Question
Antonio Gramsci's The Southern Question remains as provocative today as it was when it was...
Vendetta: The True Story of the Largest Lynching in U.S. History
Eleven Italian Americans were lynched in New Orleans on March 14, 1891. The lynching caused...
This fantastical novel opens with Pina, a young Sicilian woman, being seduced by the son of her father's archenemy under a heavily-laden olive tree in her family's orchard. Fate plays a cruel trick on Pina when her lover is killed and she gives birth to a half-human, half-olive son. Named Olivo Oliva, her bastard son grows up and moves to America where he becomes a prodigious killer, an obsessive artist, and eventually, keen to discover more about his ancestry.
Olivo Oliva

Philippe Poloni, David Homel
Olivo Oliva
Passenger: Selected Poems
Dark Man
Breaking the Mould
Looking Through My Mother's Eyes: Life Stories of Nine Italian Immigrant Women in Canada
A Mystery in Naples
Son of Italy
Picture Theory
Tell the Oak Tree to Grow Faster: Selected Aphorisms
Fabrizio's Passion
The Woman I Am
The Tough Romance