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The Perfect Archive
At the core of the dry and purposeful language of Library Science and the Rules...
The Examined Life
A collection of poems, concrete poems and illustrations, The Examined Life unearths the lyricism buried...
At the Moonbean Café
This collection of poems is imbued with a poetic voice of groundlessness, detailing the winding,...
This is Ken Norris' ninth book of poetry which takes as its epigraph a quote...
Devour Me Too
This is Dacia Maraini's third book of poetry, a translation of her Italian collection Mangiami pure.
Colour Theory
A letter of apology to Vincent Van Gogh, a flat-footed dialogue with Bernini's Pope Gregory,...
Like the narrator of Raymond Carver's poem “Shiftless,” Janet Fraser likes to sit in a chair for hours, perhaps with a cola. She'd like a stranger to say: “Don't I know you?” In Shiftless Fraser fearlessly explores the essence of her own life, some of her ancestors' lives, and the lives of other ordinary people who have often faced extraordinary challenges.

"Carmen dreams of pineapples, / fills herself with fire. / A dragon's flames on the sub- / Arctic acreage. / Covers carious rock / with red silk, lime chiffon. / Recalls / that first mustard crocus."

Janet Fraser
Star of Free Will
Aknos and Other Poems
First Day
The Massacre Confirmed Our Worst Suspicions
Stone Dream
Light And Time
This Desert Now
Within the Mystery
Swinging Between Water and Stone
The Herb Garden
Stages: Selected Poems
Dark Domain