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Skinny-Dipping with the Muse
Grouped into four sections, the poems in this collection relate to the writer's experience of...
Like consists of fifty poems every one of which uses the word “like.” Like is...
The Weight
As much as a poetry collection can be “about” anything, this book is “about” unrequited...
Panick Love
This long prose poem is the author's translation of the original French version L'Amour panique...
Report on the Second Half of the Twentieth Century: Books I-IV
Report on the Second Half of the Twentieth Century is Ken Norris' attempt to make...
Let Me Go!
Anne Claire Poirier, filmmaker extraordinaire, lost her daughter to heroin. Yanne, aged twenty-six, was strangled....
Meditation drafts, fragments, lyric samplings, glimpses, notes, reveries, lines on the edge of disappearing, poetry close to white space gaps, glancing off mysteries, a sacred spell of reflections and soundings, ecstasies and longings. Such is B.W. Powe's book, his first new one in nine years.
The Unsaid Passing

B.W. Powe
The Unsaid Passing
The Blueness of Light: Selected Poems: 1988-2002
Snow and Other Guises
The Broken World: Poems 1967-1998
Two Women in a Birth
Light And Time
A Place in the World
Life in the Singular: Selected Poems
A God Hangs Upside Down
Stages: Selected Poems
In the Garden of I Am
Fred Cogswell: Selected Poems