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Floating Bodies
Bodies float in rapture, and in death, transported by waves of pleasure, or lapped by...
In the Silence Absence Makes
In the Silence Absence Makes is a poetic mystery, a nightmare, an elegy. A lost...
True As Moonlight
Anticipation and awareness bud at the start of a new life and bloom with the...
First Day
In First Day, Malca Litovitz's third collection, childhood memories, love, nature, and battles with illness...
The Clarity of Voices: Selected Poems 1974-1981
The quest for the named word leads Philippe Haeck to adopt a transparency of style...
The Examined Life
A collection of poems, concrete poems and illustrations, The Examined Life unearths the lyricism buried...
This collection brings together for the first time all of Len Gasparini's published books and chapbooks of poetry. There are more than 200 poems in this volume. Gasparini's poetry, to quote one critic, "not only speaks to the human condition, it also sings, whispers and sometimes shouts." He explores disparate realities, ordinary and extraordinary, and his prosody is "imbued with a subtle, colorful rhythm." He is one of the true, authentic voices in Canadian poetry.
The Broken World: Poems 1967-1998
Despite My Growling Heart
Molisan Poems: Selected Poems
after words
Changing Shores
Tigers and the CEO
A New Geography of Time
Federico Garcia Lorca: Songs and Ballads
What My Arms Can Carry
The Irrelevant Man
The Edges of Light