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Andrea Zanzotto's poetics have often been defined as emerging out of Romanticism, yet his work...
First Day
In First Day, Malca Litovitz's third collection, childhood memories, love, nature, and battles with illness...
Formentera Followed by The Gardens of Suzhou
All eight of Schierbeek's books of prose-poetry from 1951 on, which he termed “compositional novels,”...
The Cure Is a Forest
The Cure Is a Forest probes the various processes of growth and transformation among all...
Remembering History
Remembering History records events of the past and present, of here and everywhere. What has...
This is Ken Norris' ninth book of poetry which takes as its epigraph a quote...
A God Hangs Upside Down is the first full-length collection by poet and singer-songwriter Joseph Maviglia. Beginning with reflexive narrative as the poet travels through Southern Italy, the focus shifts to North America and portraits of a working-class family and the pulsating energy of the construction job site. Combining elements of Calabrian oral tradition with social commentary, Maviglia explores pantheist-Catholic mythology and challenges the reader to take the poem off the page and celebrate "the romance of the soul".
A God Hangs Upside Down

Joseph Maviglia
A God Hangs Upside Down
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