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Stone Dream
Although Madeleine Gagnon's work is firmly rooted in North American mythology, history, and culture, she...
Time Slip
Drawn from the author's 60-year journey through the Middle East, Japan, and North America, this...
Positions to Pray In
Positions to Pray In is another in a series of Barry Dempster's well-crafted, intensely intelligent...
At the Moonbean Café
This collection of poems is imbued with a poetic voice of groundlessness, detailing the winding,...
For the Baptism of Our Fragments
Described as the most "conspicuous voice in Italian poetry after Eugenio Montale," Mario Luzi created...
Where The Sun Shines Best
Three Canadian soldiers awaiting deployment to Afghanistan beat a homeless man to death on the...
There is always distance in language. Readers and writers move in this distance, between the innumerable points that define their positions. The poems of Nomadic Trajectory are but notations of absence and displacement. A nomad reads the landscape s/he travels, considering all the changes that may have taken place since the last passage. Language unveils its possibilities seductively, all that is needed is the first step toward it. Travellers in the world thus become travellers between worlds. -- Pasquale Verdicchio.
Nomadic Trajectory

Pasquale Verdicchio
Nomadic Trajectory
If This Were Death
The Ecstatic Torture of Gratitude
Touch Earth
Fables for Isolated Men
A Taste of Earth, A Taste of Flame
Love is a very long word
Voyeur: Selected and New Poems: 1972-1991
Fulvio Caccia: Selected Poems
Tidal Fury
Foreign Body