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Fables for Isolated Men
Although his work has appeared in most of Canada's prestigious magazines, Fables for Isloated Men...
Fred Cogswell: Selected Poems
The poems in this selection were written and published between 1954 and 1977, except for...
Life in the Singular: Selected Poems
This collection of mental landscapes overflows with visions, some as haunting as half-remembered dreams, nightmarish...
Lead Blues
In Quebec, Alonzo is a well-known poet, writer, critic, and publisher (les ├ęditions Trois). Lead...
Giant Sky of The Shepherds
In tight, compact words that resemble an unravelling DNA code of life, poet Robert Flanagan...
Concrete City: Selected Poems
The retroglances and the stargazing -- Marlene Marilyn Judy Ava Rita Peggy -- the tension...
Tigers and the CEO describes the epic encounter between two characters representing, respectively, the realm of emotions and the logic of business. Through powerful language, the author portrays a series of instants in which the two worldviews -- the passionate and the passionless -- face one another. The result is a collection that cuts to the core of what it means, for a woman of the new millennium, to remain herself while facing the radically different Other.

"Not much gets accomplished this early. / I make tea, while Saturday / is dark and deliberate / like a mourning widow."
Tigers and the CEO

Cristina Perissinotto
Tigers and the CEO
Songs of Exile
The Circular Incantation: An Exercise in Loss and Findings
Croton Elegies
Albino Pierro: Selected Poems
Guernica and Other Poems
The Night Will Be Insistent: Selected Poems 1987-2002
Flowers in Magnetic Fields
then touch me here
In the Garden of I Am
The Alchemy of the Body and Other Poems