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First Day
In First Day, Malca Litovitz's third collection, childhood memories, love, nature, and battles with illness...
News from the Blockade and Other Poems
This translation shows precisely why Egito Gonçalves is considered one of Portugal's most important poets....
Guernica and Other Poems
The writing of Carlos De Oliveira is usually considered neo-realist, but this selection of poems...
Italian Women and Other Tragedies
This book is the first part of Gianna Patriarca's trilogy on Italian women. Winner of...
A Place in the World
Existentialist in approach, this collection of tightly woven, abstract poems explores ageing and what it...
Voyeur: Selected and New Poems: 1972-1991
Marco Fraticelli explores the cumulative aftermath of ended relationships. Like a child who can't help...
Weaving homage and history, this collection of poetry was inspired by the life of Charlotte Saloman, the Berlin-born artist who perished at Auschwitz. Saloman was the author of Life? Or Theatre? an evocative fictionalized autobiography in paint that Saloman described as a means of conquering death. Bringing together biography and imagination, the conceptual lyrics in this collection evoke a terrible moment in history and celebrate a life that triumphed despite adversity.

Elana Wolff
Burning The Furniture
What If Zen Gardens ...
Stone Dream
Absurdity, Woe Is Me, Glory Be
True As Moonlight
Love Is Not Native to My Blood
Melusine: A Ballad and a Diary
Autostrada per la luna
The Woman Who Drank Her Own Reflection
The Blueness of Light: Selected Poems: 1988-2002
French Poets of Today