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Star of Free Will
Amidst the many literary movements that have characterized Italian poetry since World War II, Spaziani...
Travelling The Lost Highway: Poems 2011 -- 2018
Travelling The Lost Highway collects the poetry James Deahl has written from 2011 to 2018....
A Bride in Three Acts
Mary Melfi's poetry is, despite its use of tough, surprising, visual comparisons, very direct. Her...
then touch me here
Contrary to the opinion expressed by some regarding the senselessness of contemporary poetry, I have...
Aknos and Other Poems
This selection is the first-time translation of Caccia's poetry which appeared in the original French-language...
The Two-Headed Man: Collected Poems 1970-2020
The collected poetry, covering a 50-year span from 1970 to 2020, of one of Canada's...
I Will Be Corrupted is a collection of poems about a man who suffers from serious depression but is able to appear normal and live somewhat of a normal life. And yet what he sees and experiences in his everyday become poems and an insight into the mind of a kind and gentle person who wants to understand why he is here.

"once I sat down and had / tea with a sasquatch / and he said he had seen / all the mountains on earth / and I believed him as / he sipped his tea and stared / off across the valley to the / snow-capped mountains above."
I Will Be Corrupted

Joseph A. Dandurand
I Will Be Corrupted
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