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If This Were Death
In If This Were Death, Paul Chanel Malenfant mourns the loss of a beloved woman...
The Night Will Be Insistent: Selected Poems 1987-2002
The writings of Denise Desautels have circulated in Quebec and Europe for some thirty years....
The poems in Christl Verduyn's first collection reveal telling moments in lives that move between...
Borrowed Light
Weaving together complex layers of personal and political history, this collection of poems traces a...
The Brother Inside Me
Death and its many mysteries are explored in these autobiographical poems about the passing of...
A collection that is marked by being the first volume of poetry to be published...
Like consists of fifty poems every one of which uses the word “like.” Like is about people and things Layton likes -- or, sometimes, dislikes. In these poems, Layton expresses a gamut of emotions, from the fear of death to the peaceful contentment of watching two nesting Canadian geese. However, “like” is more than an emotionally charged verb. It is also the basis of simile. It is by likening one thing to another that Layton finds meaning in ordinary things. Since all things are alike in some way, Like is a book of poetry about the underlying unity of all creation.

"I like like because it links / The most unlikely things / I like mice, for instance / Because they are like / Tiny elephants / And I like elephants / Because their ears / Are like butterfly wings / Opening and closing like / The eyelids of my first girlfriend"

Max Layton
The Daring of Paradise
In Your Crib
after words
Variable Star
Viamerica: The Eyes
Every Night of Our Lives
Rush of Wings: Poems 1968-1977
First Day
On Order and Things
Newer Lies