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Leaves on Frozen Ground
Céline Vaillancourt saw the untamed forest in shades of apprehension. But Edmund, her 11-year-old son,...
Help Me, Rhonda & Other Stories
The fourteen stories in this collection are roughly evenly divided between those set in Israel...
The Lighthouse
Elizabeth Macaluso's first volume of poetry, The Lighthouse, engages with the Italian American experience; it...
No. 22 Pleasure City
A Japanese detective agency in Midwest America; a sex triangle with the vampish Angela at...
Stones into Bread
This is a book about a small Southern Italian village and its offshoots in Toronto....
On a quest to rescue his community from a fiery demise, possum and poet Zak,...
A collection of irreverent but definitely not irrelevant poetry by a master-student in the study of human psychology. D.G. Geis doesn't worry about smoothing out the hurt in Praise Music. And all done with a smart layer of philosophic thought--most definitely irreverent but not irrelevant.

"This sleight of hand / called life-- // the wives / we make disappear // and children / we pull out of hats. // The parents who, over time, / we saw painlessly in half // and the complicated knots / that untie themselves."
Praise Music

D.G. Geis
Praise Music
The Dog Who Ate the Vegetable Garden & Helped Save the Planet
Thirteen Ways of Crossing the Piazza: Collected Poems
Most Precious Blood
A Life Out of Whack: Confessions and Reflections of an Un-American All-American
Injuring Eternity: A Künstlerroman In Twenty-Six Cantos
A Day in June
Hard Candy / Pitch Roll Yaw
Rosemary Bluebell
Thirteen Heavens
Ten Letters to Montaigne