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On a quest to rescue his community from a fiery demise, possum and poet Zak,...
Leaves on Frozen Ground
Céline Vaillancourt saw the untamed forest in shades of apprehension. But Edmund, her 11-year-old son,...
A Life Out of Whack: Confessions and Reflections of an Un-American All-American
Part memoir of the author's early life--including his experience as a New York City cop...
Tenacity: How Two Mums Fought a War Against Drugs
The two true life stories contained in Tenacity span decades-- and two worlds, Australia and...
Rosemary Bluebell
When Rosemary grows tired of her father's overstatements and boasting with respect to her supernatural...
River is the story of a fourteen-year-old girl who travels back in time, and across...
The story of The Anarchist Banker takes place in a Lisbon café where the narrator meets an old friend, now a wealthy banker. He questions his friend about his anarchist origins and discovers to his amazement that the banker still considers himself to be an anarchist. The story revolves around the banker's vigorous defense of his position and his assertion that he is the only genuine anarchist among the banker's so-called anarchist friends.

"What I want to say is that there is no divergence between my theories and the conduct of my life, rather there is an absolute conformity. That my life is not that of syndicalists or bomb throwers--this is true. But it is their lives that are outside of anarchism, outside... "
The Anarchist Banker: A new Interpretation and a new English Translation with the original Portuguese Edition
A Day in June
No. 22 Pleasure City
Praise Music
Most Precious Blood
Learning to Miss
Hard Candy / Pitch Roll Yaw
Ten Letters to Montaigne
Gauguin's Moon
Help Me, Rhonda & Other Stories
The Lighthouse
Stones into Bread