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Date With Destiny
In this collection of ten short stories, the main characters -- women between the ages...
Here And Not Elsewhere: Selected Poems: 1990-2010
A bilingual English-Italian collection of poetry from one of Switzerland's widely published Italian-language poets and critics.
First published in 1988, Les heures marks a turning point in Fernand Ouellette's poetics while...
Deadly Nightshade: Selected Poems
Liana Langa in her poetry raises the classic existential issues of the intensity and diversity...
Directory of the Vulnerable
The Directory of the Vulnerable is a book in 43 cantos about vulnerable human beings...
Mirrors of Absence
Mirrors of Absence taps into three under-examined subjects: issues concerning how the poet survives under...
His poems make you forget what poetry is. Bernlef's secret is in the way he looks at things. His attention to the ordinary, to the marginal, the so-called extra literary has not only enlarged the realm of the poetic but challenges the hierarchies and preconceived notions about what is or is not considered literary. -- Dutch critic Hans Kloos

"I embrace the words like smoke light and carefree not because I love them but because they're in my way and no avoiding it. With my nose pressed against a word the typesetting comes loose and I get entangled in the moustaches and beards of words."
A Still Life: Selected Poems (1960-2010)

Bernlef, Scott Rollins
A Still Life: Selected Poems (1960-2010)
Life Stories
The Absolute Is a Round Die
Things That Fall
The Stalinist's Wife
Wings Folded in Cracks
The Golden Shower: Or What Men Want
Breathing Underwater
Against The Light
Snow Drifts, I Sing: Selected Poems