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The Stalinist's Wife
Louise Aubert leaves Mathieu Lord when he joins the Stalinist party. Fifteen years later, she...
The Absolute Is a Round Die
The Absolute Is a Round Die is a work of metaphysical meditation, a verbal mural...
Delft Blue & Objects of the World: Archives I and II
Archives are often depicted as musty repositories, museum cellars, warehouses shoring up retaining walls against...
A Still Life: Selected Poems (1960-2010)
His poems make you forget what poetry is. Bernlef's secret is in the way he...
Pondering the Weight of Being: Selected Poems (1944-2013)
Critics include Orelli among the so-called post-hermetic poets, aligning him with one of Italy's most...
Where spaces glow: selected poems
Francis Catalano's poetry speaks of space, place and people. In the extracts from Index and...
A bilingual English-Italian collection of poetry from one of Switzerland's widely published Italian-language poets and critics.
Here And Not Elsewhere: Selected Poems: 1990-2010

Pietro De Marchi, Marco Sonzogni
Here And Not Elsewhere: Selected Poems: 1990-2010
Things That Fall
Life Stories
Vigil Poems
Human Presences & Possible Futures: Selected Poems
Beyond The Flames
The Golden Shower: Or What Men Want
Speak Only of the Moon: A New Translation of Rumi
Elsewhere on Earth
Portrait of a husband with the ashes of his wife
The Coincidence
Date With Destiny