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A Still Life: Selected Poems (1960-2010)
His poems make you forget what poetry is. Bernlef's secret is in the way he...
Human Presences & Possible Futures: Selected Poems
This bilingual collection of poetry is a selection of award-winning Franco-Ontarian poet Robert Dickson's various...
The Stalinist's Wife
Louise Aubert leaves Mathieu Lord when he joins the Stalinist party. Fifteen years later, she...
In this classic love story featuring passion, jealousy and murder, and set in pre-World War...
Impromptu: A Trilingual Edition
This is a trilingual -- Italian, English and French -- edition of Amelia Rosselli's last...
Life Stories
I have written Life Stories virtually in the space of one breath -- these stories...
Kreslin's poetry is a beautiful aesthetic experience, evocative and subtle, particularly rich in natural imagery. There are clear themes that run like veins throughout it: the Mura River (which winds through Prekmurje), the ubiquitous storks of Prekmurje and other avian images, an appreciation for gypsy culture (particularly their musical traditions), trans-generational and trans-cultural inspiration, mist and stars. One might imagine the poems best read in the early morning hours, on the mist-spread banks of the Mura.

"Under our sun this can't be done,/ It is not the way of things/ That a tree should blossom/ And grow strong into the sky."
Instead of Whom Does the Flower Bloom: The Poems of Vlado Kreslin
The Golden Shower: Or What Men Want
Vigil Poems
Dark Menagerie
Here And Not Elsewhere: Selected Poems: 1990-2010
Mirrors of Absence
Against The Light
Delft Blue & Objects of the World: Archives I and II
Elsewhere on Earth
Speak Only of the Moon: A New Translation of Rumi
The Four Roads Hotel
The Haunted Hand