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Where spaces glow: selected poems
Francis Catalano's poetry speaks of space, place and people. In the extracts from Index and...
Human Presences & Possible Futures: Selected Poems
This bilingual collection of poetry is a selection of award-winning Franco-Ontarian poet Robert Dickson's various...
Portraits of Absence
Portraits of Absence is poetry of witness, of unflinching eyewitness accounts of atrocities--the devil's definition...
Against The Light
This collection presents a bilingual Italian-English selection of the poetry of Tiziano Broggiato, winner of...
Mirrors of Absence
Mirrors of Absence taps into three under-examined subjects: issues concerning how the poet survives under...
Dark Menagerie
The poems in Dark Menagerie want to encompass a radical experience of loneliness. It travels...
To entail, scan and embrace more knowledge of what is and what ought to be done in fewer words -- to make a statement as short, concise, terse and pithy as possible while rendering the sights it opens as vast as possible -- is the principal intention of the practitioners of the difficult art of the aphorism. Many writers have tried it, few have succeeded. A successful aphorism, true to its mission, allows a small step to go a long, perhaps an infinitely long, way ... In our liquid-modern times horizons tend to break up or dissolve as soon as...

"Given the choice to relive some of life's moments, most of us choose those of joy and happiness, even though they are meaningless without those of sadness and loss."
A Small Map of Experience: Reflections & Aphorisms

Leonidas Donskis, Karla Gruodis
A Small Map of Experience: Reflections & Aphorisms
Snow Drifts, I Sing: Selected Poems
Date With Destiny
The Four Roads Hotel
Elsewhere on Earth
Speak Only of the Moon: A New Translation of Rumi
Impromptu: A Trilingual Edition
A Still Life: Selected Poems (1960-2010)
Breathing Underwater
Pondering the Weight of Being: Selected Poems (1944-2013)