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Writers in Transition: The Proceedings of the First National Conference of Italian Canadian Writers
In September, 1986, the first national conference of Italian-Canadian writers was held in Vancouver. This...
Devils in Paradise: Writing on Post-Emigrant Culture
What is an Italian North American? What is Italian-American culture? How is an immigrant group...
Mediating Culture: The Politics of Representation
This collection of essays has been taken up with questions of power, mediation, marginality, democracy,...
Cosmopolitics: Public Policy of Outer Space
Defined as the "public affairs of outer space," Cosmopolitics deals with the international legal, economic,...
Mystical One: George Harrison
This biography covers the years 1969 to the present day and celebrates George Harrison's career...
To Hyphenate or Not to Hyphenate?: The Italian/American Writer: An Other America
Anthony Julian Tamburri examines the history of Italian/American writing and the concept of the hyphen...
This is the untold story of what went on behind the scenes when the UN tried to manage free elections in Cambodia in the early 90s. Told with insight, humor, and a dash of romance, Cambodia and the Year of UNTAC staggers from adventure to adventure as the UN seeks to bring hope to a country reeling from war. With deep feelings for the Cambodian people, this true-life tale -- now in a new edition with additional photos and a special afterword -- brings to life what it was like to be part of the team that ended Cambodia's civil...

"Cambodia is going to have an election. To have an election there must be voters. But where are the voters and how many are there? If no one knows, how can the potential voters be registered or given polling stations?"
Cambodia and The Year of UNTAC: Life and Love in Cambodia's 1993 Election
The North American Italian Renaissance: Italian Writing in America and Canada
Arrangiarsi: The Italian Immigration Experience in Canada
Incontro: University and Mass Media
Minority Report: An Alternative History of English-Language Arts in Quebec
Interviews to Literature
Search for Meaning: Exploring Religions of the World
Adjacencies: Minority Writings in Canada
A Call for Cultural Symbiosis
Vendetta: The True Story of the Largest Lynching in U.S. History
Remembering Shakespeare: The Scope of His Achievement from ‘Hamlet' through ‘The Tempest'
The Power of Allegiances: Identity, Culture, and Representational Strategies
Echo: Essays on Other Literatures