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Accidental Genius: The Pantheon of Modern American Poets
Using many right-wing extremists in North America (which means, in effect, weird Republicans), Garebian takes...
Arrangiarsi: The Italian Immigration Experience in Canada
The term arrangiarsi is normally defined as "making do" or "getting by." This book marks...
Parallel to Life
This book celebrates the life of the writer, its passions, its rewards and of course...
Mediating Culture: The Politics of Representation
This collection of essays has been taken up with questions of power, mediation, marginality, democracy,...
ATM SEX is a furious collection of satirical sketches and fearless social commentary that manages...
Looking Through My Mother's Eyes: Life Stories of Nine Italian Immigrant Women in Canada
This look at the traditional and subversive world of women's folklore examines the realm of...
Critics Who Know Jack: Urban Myths, Media and Rock & Roll is a collection of essays, memoirs and critiques on subjects ranging from TV programming, film and literature to rock journalism, with commentary on the interpretation of artistic expression across conventional and social media. From Feng-Shui to conspiracy theory, Maviglia debunks the rise of faddishness and new age trends that undervalue primary sources in music, literature, theatre, film, and urban living.

"Songs mean something sometimes. And sometimes they don't. Sometimes people just want to dance and sometimes people want to burn down palaces."
Critics Who Know Jack: Urban Myths, Media and Rock & Roll
Dervish at the Crossroads: A Soundquest Through the First Two Decades of the New Millennium
The North American Italian Renaissance: Italian Writing in America and Canada
Adjacencies: Minority Writings in Canada
Mini Musings: Miniature Thoughts on Theatre and Poetry
Search for Meaning: Exploring Religions of the World
The Oulipo Challenge
Culture and Difference: Essays on Canadian Society
Cosmopolitics: Public Policy of Outer Space
Sociopolitics: Political Development in Postmodern Societies
Obsessed with Language: A Sociolinguistic History of Quebec
Italo-Canadians: Nationality and Citizenship
Incontro: University and Mass Media