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Remembering Shakespeare: The Scope of His Achievement from ‘Hamlet' through ‘The Tempest'
The longstanding challenge and problem of living through tragedy, as opposed to living beyond it...
Mystical One: George Harrison
This biography covers the years 1969 to the present day and celebrates George Harrison's career...
The Courage of Poetry
The Courage of Poetry is an ars poetica, not in a technical sense, but as...
Devils in Paradise: Writing on Post-Emigrant Culture
What is an Italian North American? What is Italian-American culture? How is an immigrant group...
Search for Meaning: Exploring Religions of the World
The title Search for Meaning is to be understood in two senses corresponding to the...
Reel Canadians: Interviews from the Canadian Movie World
Angela Baldassarre interviews a number of major film people from Canada: Dan Aykroyd, Louis Belanger,...
Jean Royer's role here is similar to a translator's, where confidences and revelations from the artists he has talked to are translated into these texts he calls 'interviews to literature.' He polishes, he evaluates, he chooses, he animates -- in short, doing what a translator does to make the translated text into a reality in its own right, separate from yet intimately linked to the original. The texts here allow us to see the artists not only in their guarded moments but especially in their unguarded, relaxed moments when we get a glimpse of the private person, the inner being...
Interviews to Literature

Jean Royer
Interviews to Literature
Italo-Canadians: Nationality and Citizenship
Incontro: University and Mass Media
Obsessed with Language: A Sociolinguistic History of Quebec
Adjacencies: Minority Writings in Canada
Interviews with the Phoenix
To Hyphenate or Not to Hyphenate?: The Italian/American Writer: An Other America
Writers in Transition: The Proceedings of the First National Conference of Italian Canadian Writers
The Films of Jacques Tati
Blood of My Blood: The Dilemma of the Italian-Americans
In the Writers' Words: Conversations with Eight Canadian Poets
Arrangiarsi: The Italian Immigration Experience in Canada