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Remembering Shakespeare: The Scope of His Achievement from ‘Hamlet' through ‘The Tempest'
The longstanding challenge and problem of living through tragedy, as opposed to living beyond it...
The Courage of Poetry
The Courage of Poetry is an ars poetica, not in a technical sense, but as...
The North American Italian Renaissance: Italian Writing in America and Canada
This collection of essays offers the reader a critical analysis of the wide range of...
Incontro: University and Mass Media
Umberto Eco wrote this essay when he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Letters by...
Mini Musings: Miniature Thoughts on Theatre and Poetry
Inspired by American playwright Sarah Ruhl's 100 Essays I Don't Have Time to Write, this...
To Hyphenate or Not to Hyphenate?: The Italian/American Writer: An Other America
Anthony Julian Tamburri examines the history of Italian/American writing and the concept of the hyphen...
The first work of its kind in Canada, this book explores 11 first-rate actors' perceptions and comments in relation to performing Shakespeare in order to offer a sense of what these actors mean by the work. Colourful, lively, with strong considerations of technique and interpretation, this book gives Canadian actors a rare and generous opportunity to explore the highest reaches of their art in relation to Shakespearean acting.

"The resulting eleven essays cover an extensive area of Shakespearean acting. Some of the most significant roles are explored in various ways and to various degrees."
Colours to the Chameleon: Canadian Actors on Shakespeare
The Power of Allegiances: Identity, Culture, and Representational Strategies
Interviews to Literature
Parallel to Life
Italo-Canadesi: Nationality and Citizenship
Painting Moments: Art, AIDS and Nick Palazzo
Cosmopolitics: Public Policy of Outer Space
Shakespeare Beyond Science: When Poetry Was the World
The Oulipo Challenge
If You're Not Free At Work, Where Are You Free?: Literature and Social Change
Blood of My Blood: The Dilemma of the Italian-Americans
In the Writers' Words: Conversations with Eight Canadian Poets
Interviews with the Phoenix