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Velocity of Escape, The
Siamese twins, circus performers, burn victims, and scientists all clash in this vibrant and vivid...
Orioles in the Oranges
Orioles in the Oranges is an exquisitely told story of a destructive modern love, woven...
We are no longer the smart kids in class
From the drunk tank to the graduate seminar, We are no longer the smart kids...
The poems in Arguments for Lawn Chairs take multiple positions. The poems in Arguments for Lawn Chairs don't trust your grandmother's cooking. They have visited Pangea, they have visited Toronto and Montreal, the B.C. Gulf Islands, Tiberias, the tailing ponds near Sudbury, and they are still not satisfied, are still unconvinced, still need more proof. They are suckers for dovetailed boxes, winter fire pits, houses that sit not quite true, a rent garbage bag spilling its guts on Queen Street. The poems in Arguments for Lawn Chairs have some choice words for Orpheus, for Eurydice, for Beowulf, for Dumbledore and...

"Let soldiers stand for violence. Let the suburbs stand for childhood. Let paella stand for love. Let zero stand for death."
Arguments for Lawn Chairs

Aaron Kreuter
Arguments for Lawn Chairs
Amphetamine Heart
Footsteps on the Ceiling
Subway Medusa
Black Suede Cave
Washing Off the Raccoon Eyes
Bending the Continuum