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Downtown Flirt
In October 2016 Peter Jickling left the Yukon to write in Toronto. His resulting poems...
Lessons of Chaos and Disaster
A stunning collection of poems, these works explore moments of empathy in suffering, epiphany in...
In the writing of Wait, Ned Baeck intends to cut through the dishonesty and abuse...
This collection of poems is filled with psychics, surfers, femmes fatales, and the love-stricken. Whether focused on an unwitting subway passenger, a seeker investigating ancient beliefs, or a young woman looking for online romance, the sinister and the alluring combine to create this compilation of hilariously skewed, quasi-narrative poetry.
Subway Medusa

Clara Blackwood
Subway Medusa
Navy Blue
We Shed Our Skin Like Dynamite
Velocity of Escape, The
Arguments for Lawn Chairs
Paramita, Little Black
The Plural of Some Things