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Only Prostitutes Marry in May
Mary Stuart is an evocation of the relationship between Elizabeth I of England and her...
Freeze is an allegorical comedy play that dramatizes the Great Ice Storm of '98 as...
I Is Another
In this collection of absurdist one-act plays, the characters are all multiple facets of one...
Foreplay: Followed by My Italian Wife
Foreplay, a black comedy in three acts, explores the relationship of an economically well-out but...
Homeground was a finalist in the Drama category for the 1991 Writers Guild of Alberta...
Smile, you're getting old!
Surely a woman who chooses a white rat as a pet and calls him Mr....
A blind tattoo artist named Joint has his reclusive lifestyle turned on end when a woman of flawless beauty comes to him with a problem. Strange, dark and comic, Tattoo Joint explores the nature of art and beauty and its effects on the unsuspecting artist.
Tattoo Joint

Jason Gileno
Tattoo Joint
Duo for Obstinate Voices
The Savage Father
TWO LETTERS... And Counting!
Mazilli's Shoes
Camerado & The Trial of Pius XII: Two Plays
Sarrasine: A Screenplay
Sister and Lovers
Women as Lovers
Natural Stories #1
The Nativity Scene
Beyond the Ruins
The Canadian Duce