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Love Letters
Love Letters was born from the reexamination of a poet wildly adored in the first...
Four vastly different characters illustrate various ways of life and elements of existence in the...
The Canadian Duce
In June 1940, as Benito Mussolini took Italy into war against the Allied Powers, the...
Manifesto for a New Theatre: Followed by Infabulation
Pasolini published the Manifesto for a New Theatre in Nuovi Argomenti in 1968, while...
Freeze is an allegorical comedy play that dramatizes the Great Ice Storm of '98 as...
Camerado & The Trial of Pius XII: Two Plays
Camerado is a play presenting the very dramatic life and compelling thoughts of Walt Whitman,...
Duo for Obstinate Voices is set in Quebec between 1970 and 1975, against the backdrop of rising Quebecois nationalism which culminated in the election of the Parti Québécois. The play superimposes the political struggle of Quebec with the relationship between Philip, a television journalist, and Catherine, an aspiring young dancer. Duo pour voix obstinées won the Grand Prix du Journal de Montréal and the Governor General's Award in 1986.
Duo for Obstinate Voices

Maryse Pelletier, Louise Ringuet
Duo for Obstinate Voices
Triplex Nervosa Trilogy
Revolt/ Compassion: Six Scripts for Contemporary Performance
Foreplay: Followed by My Italian Wife
Sarrasine: A Screenplay
The Countess Plays
The Divine Sisters
The Inventor of the Horse
Beyond the Ruins
Voiceless People and Addolorata: Two Plays
TWO LETTERS... And Counting!