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Triplex Nervosa Trilogy
The smash hit of Centaur Theatre's 2014-15 season, Triplex Nervosa is a rollicking trilogy set...
Homeground was a finalist in the Drama category for the 1991 Writers Guild of Alberta...
A Woman of Lemnos
This first English publication of Maria Lampadaridou Pothou's work is a collection of her critically...
Voiceless People and Addolorata: Two Plays
Marco Micone's first play, Voiceless People, portrays the exploitation of first-generation Italian immigrants Addolorata focuses...
The Inventor of the Horse
Plays included in this collection: The Big Bun, The Inventor of the Horse, and War....
Sex Therapy
The comic and the tragic, sanity and insanity, merge in this microcosmic representation of a...
Revolt/Compassion gathers together six important works by Michael Springate: Historical Bliss, Dog and Crow, The Consolation of Philosophy, Freeport Texas, Kareena, and Kut: Shock and Awe. Written and produced over a twenty-five year period, they capture an expansive range of interests and influences, and reflect the artistic interdisciplinarity which has been a defining feature of his career.

"I imagined a chorus which said/ that consolation is not possible,/ unless on the path of compassion,/ unless on the road of revolt -- From 'The Consolation of Philosophy'"
Revolt/ Compassion: Six Scripts for Contemporary Performance
Manifesto for a New Theatre: Followed by Infabulation
The Divine Sisters
The Countess Plays
Love Letters
Sarrasine: A Screenplay
Beyond the Ruins
The Nativity Scene
Camerado & The Trial of Pius XII: Two Plays
Foreplay: Followed by My Italian Wife