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Paramita, Little Black
In her first collection of poems, Suzanne Robertson meditates on the nature of intimacy; the...
Bending the Continuum
The poems in Bending the Continuum are slave to no genre. Science-fiction, alternative realities, and...
Exaltation in Cadmium Red
Exaltation in Cadmium Red splatters and brushes in poems, both as a toxic, poisonous, metallic...
Written with a probingly sensitive eye, this collection of poems illuminates the subtle and poignant moments in life-moments that cause people to grow and, occasionally, to digress as individuals. Greatly emphasizing musicality, this compilation re-examines the common aspects of everyday life from a female perspective. The urban world and its intricacies are explored and, as a result, a profound zeal for nature emerges. Insightful and unique, these free verses delve deeply into human emotion.
The Plural of Some Things

Desi Di Nardo
The Plural of Some Things
The Language We Were Never Taught to Speak
Orioles in the Oranges
Footsteps on the Ceiling
Drawing Daybreak
Arguments for Lawn Chairs