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Subway Medusa
This collection of poems is filled with psychics, surfers, femmes fatales, and the love-stricken. Whether...
Velocity of Escape, The
Siamese twins, circus performers, burn victims, and scientists all clash in this vibrant and vivid...
Bending the Continuum
The poems in Bending the Continuum are slave to no genre. Science-fiction, alternative realities, and...
From the drunk tank to the graduate seminar, We are no longer the smart kids in class asks what it means to think and be, play and learn, ride bikes and make love in a world of depleting resources, technological proliferation, and corroding ecosystems. A fantasia of academic disillusionment and deflating youth, this collection contemplates moustaches, mountains, and oceans from Halifax to Victoria, always wondering how poetry matters to the heaving, melting, masturbating world it dramatizes.

"Let us listen to what the song / drowns out. Let us, like good / Heideggerians, tape our mouths / and cultivate the ring of stillness."
We are no longer the smart kids in class
Washing Off the Raccoon Eyes
Footsteps on the Ceiling
Lessons of Chaos and Disaster
Orioles in the Oranges
Exploding into Night
The Politics of Being Ugly