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Night Coach
Haiku with illustrations: "Words as precision instruments, delicate as the stiletto tip. And as deadly....
Beyond The Flames
A woman, following a visit to Auschwitz, meditates on the possibility -- or impossibility --...
Wings Folded in Cracks
Where other poets of his generation developed strategies of deconstruction, Jean-Pierre Vallotton invented a brave...
Marimba Forever
The poetry in Marimba Forever is concerned with love and longing, which the author displays...
True As Moonlight
Anticipation and awareness bud at the start of a new life and bloom with the...
Poésie: 1960-1991
Il y a chez Morisseau un puits d'espérance qu'on dirat intarissable. Sa conception de l'existence...
From the vast expanse of the boreal forest, Vivian Demuth shows both an exquisite eye for detail and a profound concern for the larger environmental picture. Her lively poems show that, to an engaged observer with an accomplished literary imagination, the mountain forest is a complex, animated bio-community.

"The generator won't start./ Werewolves crash the bush./ Drunk wind stumbles in the trees./ Hornets and flies want in, / sometimes I want out."
Fire Watcher

Vivian Demuth
Fire Watcher
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