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Tidal Fury
Tidal Fury intermeshes styles in narratorial strands. A love story -- he was “a literary...
For the Baptism of Our Fragments
Described as the most "conspicuous voice in Italian poetry after Eugenio Montale," Mario Luzi created...
Slow Dancing: Creativity and Illness: Duologue and Rengas
Showcasing the fruits of creativity from illness, this duologue and poetry collection addresses the last...
Aknos and Other Poems
This selection is the first-time translation of Caccia's poetry which appeared in the original French-language...
Slender Human Weight
In Slender Human Weight, Sue Chenette explores a world both familiar and mysterious. She...
Pellucid Waters: Selected Poems
Claude Péloquin wrote his first book of poetry Jéricho in 1963, which immediately established him...
The "Dago" in the title of this book of poems sings with irreverence and with fire. Whether she is writing about her family origins in such poems as "Italian Grocer" or "Mamma," or in the long evocative closing poem, "Birds Remembering," Rachel Guido deVries' perspective is that of a southern Italian American woman looking first at the world of family and lovers and friends, then focusing on the dominant culture in which she and her cast of characters must live. What results is an unusual collection, at times startling, always passionate.
How to Sing to a Dago

Rachel Guido DeVries
How to Sing to a Dago
Floating Bodies
The Cure Is a Forest
Snow Drifts, I Sing: Selected Poems
Travelling The Lost Highway: Poems 2011 -- 2018
A Prayer
The Night Will Be Insistent: Selected Poems 1987-2002
Exile at Last: Selected Poems
In Your Crib
Secret Transfusions
Rush of Wings: Poems 1968-1977