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I Found It at the Movies: An Anthology of Film Poems
Although poetry is one of the oldest art forms and cinema one of the youngest,...
Haunting and memorable, the poems in this collection exhibit a sensuous command of language. They...
Body of Night: Selected Poems
A bilingual French-English selection of poems by Governor General award-winning Quebecois poet and songwriter.
Changing Shores
One woman's emotional and cultural journey is luxuriously illustrated in this moving collection, as she...
Cantos North / Cantos du nord: An English-French Bilingual Edition
Epic in scope, lyrical in its celebration of nature, frequently uncompromising in its portrayal of...
Italian Women and Other Tragedies
This book is the first part of Gianna Patriarca's trilogy on Italian women. Winner of...
A sense of place has always dominated Louise McKinney's writing life. This poetry collection represents the best of her poetry written from the early 1980s to now. More than depicting mere geographical adventuring, this work expresses the poet's personal vision and emphasizes the importance of living out one's potential. This emotional journey may include the necessity of leaving something, of passing through wild and dark places in the shadow self. It may also mean becoming a different person, or persons. Sometimes inner and outer landscape merge. Always there is the hope of arriving at a place of triumphant joy where...

"At our fingers, blood/ stops briefly and turns/ around again,/ doubling on itself/ and gaining energy/ in such small space."
The Woman Who Drank Her Own Reflection
The Edges of Light
The Woman I Am
Borrowed Light
And Light Remains
Office Politics
The Blueness of Light: Selected Poems: 1988-2002
Croton Elegies
Mediterranean Men
Émile Nelligan: Selected Poems
Devour Me Too
Two Women in a Birth