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Every Night of Our Lives
The twin themes of domestic adventure and dreams work together in Every Night of Our...
The Great Light Cage: Collected and New Poems
This volume brings together the poems from Robert Flanagan's earlier books: Body (1970), Incisions (1972),...
then touch me here
Contrary to the opinion expressed by some regarding the senselessness of contemporary poetry, I have...
Black Tongue
Antonio D'Alfonso's verse is sans the ornaments or relics of mercy. He is anything but...
Exhale, Exhale
Exhale, Exhale explores the many facets of love, including nostalgia, separation, and newly-found happiness. These...
Voyeur: Selected and New Poems: 1972-1991
Marco Fraticelli explores the cumulative aftermath of ended relationships. Like a child who can't help...
The poetry in Marimba Forever is concerned with love and longing, which the author displays in all their multifarious guises. Many of the poems can be regarded as small films: nourish, action, farce or slapstick; others call music to mind: a tenor saxophone improvising on a standard melody in the wee small hours just as the milk man is getting up and rubbing sleep from his eyes; a roadhouse honky-tonk hell-raiser; six gypsies with accordions and tubas on the back of a flatbed truck somewhere near Ploestki or a marimba orchestra in a tropical town square playing like they never...
Marimba Forever

Jim Christy
Marimba Forever
Positions to Pray In
The Fertile Crescent
Wings Folded in Cracks
Under My Skin
At the Moonbean Café
The Other Shore
Habibi: The diwan of Alim Maghrebi
Cantos North / Cantos du nord: An English-French Bilingual Edition
For The Maintenance of Landscape: Selected Poems
Newer Lies
For the Baptism of Our Fragments