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What If Zen Gardens ...
In What If Zen Gardens …, Henry Beissel, often considered the master of the long...
Weaving homage and history, this collection of poetry was inspired by the life of Charlotte...
Italian Women and Other Tragedies
This book is the first part of Gianna Patriarca's trilogy on Italian women. Winner of...
The Moon Knows No Boundary
The poems in this collection describe the survival of love and family during times of...
Night Coach
Haiku with illustrations: "Words as precision instruments, delicate as the stiletto tip. And as deadly....
Tasting Fire
These poems are the living record of Katz' experiences, passions and reflections. Her writings speak...
A Prayer connects the reader to nature, in a lyrical, life-affirmative manner. The poems are imagistic and open the reader to the divinity that surrounds her/him, both within and without.

"Death is the thunderstorm in the night, lightning -- the snake, the fig root burning."
A Prayer

Emanuel di Pasquale
A Prayer
The Night Will Be Insistent: Selected Poems 1987-2002
This Cockeyed World
Colour Theory
The Bursting Test
Rivers Applaud Forever
Report on the Second Half of the Twentieth Century: Books I-IV
Guernica and Other Poems
Seventeen Trees
Mirrors of Absence
Twentieth Centuries
You Speak to Me in Trees
The Fat Man Arpeggios