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The Fertile Crescent
Ancient and medieval Jewish travellers are brought to poetic life amidst images garnered from the...
The pivotal figure of Quebec literature and publishing since the fifties, Gaston Miron in this...
Viamerica: The Eyes
Rimanelli and Serrao meet for the first time in this collection of sonnets written under...
A Housecoat Remains
This collection of poems tells a multi-layered story between worlds: old country vs. new, traditional...
Bewilderness explores urban and suburban wildernesses-- threshold places--in a darkly comedic, surreal set of prose...
Rush of Wings: Poems 1968-1977
This is a posthumous collection of poems. Though Axel Soestmeyer did not live to see...
...We started to read aloud, each in turn, from Judith Cowan's translation and my original. Then the miracle occurred: two citizens of this land breaking down word by word ...all the angry pride, the incomprehension, and the dull and stupid soliloquies that have been the distinguishing characteristic of our peoples' history for the last two centuries ... The role of poetry is to bear witness. In times of emergency, that is its primary role. As time passes, it becomes more and more urgent to choose between the light and the darkness. And at this moment of my life, I have...
This Desert Now

Yves Préfontaine, Judith Cowan
This Desert Now
Body of Night: Selected Poems
Holding Out
The Other Lives
The Tough Romance
The Alchemy of the Body and Other Poems
Croton Elegies
Dead Shadows
Mirror Image
The Massacre Confirmed Our Worst Suspicions
Courage Underground
The Unsaid Passing