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Portraits of Absence
Portraits of Absence is poetry of witness, of unflinching eyewitness accounts of atrocities--the devil's definition...
Black Tongue
Antonio D'Alfonso's verse is sans the ornaments or relics of mercy. He is anything but...
Keeping Afloat
In her new collection, Travis Lane speaks of the 'impermanent elation' that 'a word,/ like...
The Other Shore
This book of broken verses, broken thoughts, about broken feelings. This, a notebook without a...
Dark Menagerie
The poems in Dark Menagerie want to encompass a radical experience of loneliness. It travels...
The Massacre Confirmed Our Worst Suspicions
The poems in The Massacre Confirmed Our Worst Suspicions were written over a 25-year period...
Alberto Nessi's … strength as a poet rests with his own distinctive and daring language -- a spirit level that enables him always to align himself with the subject of his verse. And, if his work is the product of a rational and realistic pessimism -- occasionally softened by irony, it is also true that Nessi's emotional and ethical empathy deepens his analysis and heightens his response. -- Marco Sonzogni
Trivia Thief: Selected Poems

Alberto Nessi, Marco Sonzogni
Trivia Thief: Selected Poems
A Mingus Lullaby
Canticles II: MMXIX
Canticles I: mmxvi
Aknos and Other Poems
Rooms the Wind Makes
Dreaming Our Space
Words For What Those Men Have Done
Devour Me Too
I Sleep in the Arms of Your Eyes
Eleventh Toe