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Plastic's Republic
In 2019 Barbie turns 60. Never only a toy, she defines the stellar. In Plastic's...
Keeping Afloat
In her new collection, Travis Lane speaks of the 'impermanent elation' that 'a word,/ like...
then touch me here
Contrary to the opinion expressed by some regarding the senselessness of contemporary poetry, I have...
Speak Only of the Moon: A New Translation of Rumi
As readers everywhere of the Sufi poet Rumi know, his thought is at once profound...
Fables for Isolated Men
Although his work has appeared in most of Canada's prestigious magazines, Fables for Isloated Men...
If This Were Death
In If This Were Death, Paul Chanel Malenfant mourns the loss of a beloved woman...
Bewilderness explores urban and suburban wildernesses-- threshold places--in a darkly comedic, surreal set of prose poems. In Bewilderness, urban and suburban landscapes come to life as shape-shifting places, enchanted places, mundane places of magical thinking, as the reader explores the heterotopias of playgrounds and backyards, lakefront parks, splintery subdivisions, and semi-industrial wastelands. Creatures that inhabit these edged-out corners of land take on the features and neuroses of their human cohabitants in poems that are direct, declarative missives with offbeat instructions for navigating and inhabiting these liminal worlds.

"We picked rhinestones from wings of sunglasses and searched the golden tongues of shoes for white-lies or pennies that might have been left behind."

Catherine Black
The Bones of His Being
The Irrelevant Man
A Housecoat Remains
Poésie: 1960-1991
Washing Off the Raccoon Eyes
McLuhan's Canary
Émile Nelligan: Selected Poems
A Mingus Lullaby
The Night Will Be Insistent: Selected Poems 1987-2002
Federico Garcia Lorca: Songs and Ballads