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A Taste of Earth, A Taste of Flame
The poetic vision of A Taste of Earth, A Taste of Flame is timeless. It...
Paramita, Little Black
In her first collection of poems, Suzanne Robertson meditates on the nature of intimacy; the...
Variable Star
In this text, the poet's discourse centres on "variations" of a few fundamental themes, among...
First published in 1988, Les heures marks a turning point in Fernand Ouellette's poetics while...
Beyond The Flames
A woman, following a visit to Auschwitz, meditates on the possibility -- or impossibility --...
The Woman Who Drank Her Own Reflection
A sense of place has always dominated Louise McKinney's writing life. This poetry collection represents...
The "Dago" in the title of this book of poems sings with irreverence and with fire. Whether she is writing about her family origins in such poems as "Italian Grocer" or "Mamma," or in the long evocative closing poem, "Birds Remembering," Rachel Guido deVries' perspective is that of a southern Italian American woman looking first at the world of family and lovers and friends, then focusing on the dominant culture in which she and her cast of characters must live. What results is an unusual collection, at times startling, always passionate.
How to Sing to a Dago

Rachel Guido DeVries
How to Sing to a Dago
Formentera Followed by The Gardens of Suzhou
Fred Cogswell: Selected Poems
Velocity of Escape, The
Entre les fleuves
Courage Underground
French Poets of Today
Panick Love
Foreign Body
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The Other Shore
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