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The Fissures of Our Throats
The Fissures of Our Throats flirts with the desire to recall and translate the past...
Praise Music
A collection of irreverent but definitely not irrelevant poetry by a master-student in the study...
Silva Rerum
Silva: forĂȘt, bois; parc, bosquet; un arbre ou des arbres; par ext. grande quantitĂ©, masse;...
Where spaces glow: selected poems
Francis Catalano's poetry speaks of space, place and people. In the extracts from Index and...
Stone Dream
Although Madeleine Gagnon's work is firmly rooted in North American mythology, history, and culture, she...
Backscatter: New and Selected Poems
At the age of eighteen, Raymond Filip wrote 'I am a citizen of the world...
Anticipation and awareness bud at the start of a new life and bloom with the wondrous changes that ensue. These lyrical narrative poems rejoice at the insights, emotions, and development of a newborn and her family over a brief period of years. Crafted with an artist's eye and poet's appreciation for the profound that nestles within the mundane, this collection shimmers with reverence and clarity. The trajectory of the poems shudders and shifts when the young girl's father falls ill. With unflinching honesty and compassion, Nudelman gently unwraps luminous, triumphant moments in life's circle of birth, growth, and mortality.

"When his finger traces / the nursery mobile / his grin glows / with the tune / of the little zoo. / He puffs paternal, / pink as the tulip / belling in the dawn."
True As Moonlight

Merle Nudelman
True As Moonlight
Habibi: The diwan of Alim Maghrebi
Holding Out
News from the Blockade and Other Poems
Burning The Furniture
Night Coach
A New Geography of Time
The Metamorphoses of Ishtar
Blue Ashes: Selected Poems (1982-1998)
Words For What Those Men Have Done
Impromptu: A Trilingual Edition
Trivia Thief: Selected Poems