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A Queen is Holding a Mummified Cat
Mary Melfi's poem and prose pieces seem to arise from the same isolation, solitude or...
Elsewhere on Earth
This collection chronicles French poet Emmanuel Merle's three-week road trip through the American West in...
The Man Who Delivers Clouds
This selection of poems offers the reader a good introduction to a poet of oxymorons,...
Choice of Uppercuts, A
An uppercut, in boxing, is a punch that comes from underneath and hits you on...
Rush of Wings: Poems 1968-1977
This is a posthumous collection of poems. Though Axel Soestmeyer did not live to see...
Dreaming Our Space
Dreaming Our Space, a translation of genre-defying prose poems speaks of the difficult mother-daughter relationship...
What are the excuses that bring a man to count the sentence beats that his body pronounces? He could have, he should have won his bread and butter dancing in some cabaret. At least, there, he would have helped the working man and woman to forget their fatigue. But no, there he is digging into the paper fabric with the hope of hearing, like an ethnologist, the echoes of an ancient consciousness. Out of bounds, uomo fuori scopo, this man has produced a lengthy page bearing the title The Irrelevant Man. The bustle comes from paper being scratched. The events...

"I've walked into a Western film. / Dressed to the hilt as a cowboy. / There, the desert; here, the city. / No holster, no derringer. / My face unshaven, my hair uncut. / The sun, high noon, too hot to bear. / No cloud in the sun-setting sky. /... "
The Irrelevant Man

Antonio D'Alfonso
The Irrelevant Man
Portraits of Absence
Daughters for Sale
Newer Lies
Secret Transfusions
Pondering the Weight of Being: Selected Poems (1944-2013)
And Light Remains
Twentieth Centuries
The Fertile Crescent
Pellucid Waters: Selected Poems
How to Sing to a Dago