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Slow Dancing: Creativity and Illness: Duologue and Rengas
Showcasing the fruits of creativity from illness, this duologue and poetry collection addresses the last...
The poems in Elana Wolff's first collection, Birdheart, trace a summer's trip from Toronto to...
Like the narrator of Raymond Carver's poem “Shiftless,” Janet Fraser likes to sit in a...
Impromptu: A Trilingual Edition
This is a trilingual -- Italian, English and French -- edition of Amelia Rosselli's last...
Approaches to Absence
Home is established by our relationship to the world around us, wherever we are. Nevertheless,...
Body of Night: Selected Poems
A bilingual French-English selection of poems by Governor General award-winning Quebecois poet and songwriter.
The writings of Denise Desautels have circulated in Quebec and Europe for some thirty years. She is considered one of the most talented poets in Quebec, often taking inspiration from the visual arts. As her translator, I was very conscious of this aspect of her work, and when various choices arose in the course of the translation process, I almost always opted for the most pictorial or the most visual element possible. "A picture is worth a thousand words" as the saying goes, but the picture, once created, can give rise in the poet's mind to metaphors and "word art"...
The Night Will Be Insistent: Selected Poems 1987-2002

Denise Desautels, Daniel Sloate
The Night Will Be Insistent: Selected Poems 1987-2002
The Blueness of Light: Selected Poems: 1988-2002
The Graph of Roads: Selected Poems 1968-1999
Devour Me Too
The Irrelevant Man
Trivia Thief: Selected Poems
The Last Woman: Selected Poems 1991-2001
The Passions of Mr. Desire: Selected Poems
All I Have Is Words
Slender Human Weight