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Orioles in the Oranges
Orioles in the Oranges is an exquisitely told story of a destructive modern love, woven...
A Hunger Artist and Other Stories; Poems and Songs of Love
Kafka's writings are characterized by an extreme sensitivity manifested in absurdity, alienation, and gallows humor,...
Canticles I: mmxvi
Book I of “The Canticles” puts into dialogue -- as dramatic monologues -- those who...
Snow Drifts, I Sing: Selected Poems
Juhan Liiv (1864-1913) has the same significance for Estonian culture that Federico García Lorca and...
Poésie: 1960-1991
Il y a chez Morisseau un puits d'espérance qu'on dirat intarissable. Sa conception de l'existence...
Absurdity, Woe Is Me, Glory Be
The 100 wide-ranging and idiosyncratic poems of Absurdity, Woe Is Me, Glory Be confront, grapple...
Love is a very long word explores the parallel, ambiguous realms of freedom and love -- much coveted yet unnatural states of the human mind. Combining the tradition of Balkan lyricism with narrative modernist techniques, these bold poems witness the cross-cultural world of their subjects -- from wounds to hope, struggle to wry triumph. The striking cover image for Love is a very long word is by photographer Marsida Lekaj.

"We sang a very hard song / for the cords of our throats. / The sounds were fragile, / the classroom walls were cold. / In our hearts a bee was buzzing."
Love is a very long word

Majlinda Bashllari
Love is a very long word
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