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The Examined Life
A collection of poems, concrete poems and illustrations, The Examined Life unearths the lyricism buried...
All That Lies Between Us
Constructed in the form of a memoir, these poems take on an emotional tone as...
A collection that is marked by being the first volume of poetry to be published...
Conjuring Jesus
Provocative and alluring, Conjuring Jesus presents a disarmingly fresh portrait of the figure of Jesus....
Praise Music
A collection of irreverent but definitely not irrelevant poetry by a master-student in the study...
Writing Our Way Home
Writing Our Way Home is an important contribution to literary studies. “Italian-Canadian writers are not...
The poems in Christl Verduyn's first collection reveal telling moments in lives that move between places, times, and identities. They look beyond the everyday to glimpse extraordinary instances of human experience and emotion.

Christl Verduyn
The Irrelevant Man
Learning to Miss
The Missing Field
Borrowed Light
Canticles I: mmxvi
Daughters for Sale
Federico Garcia Lorca: Songs and Ballads
The Divine Genome
Mirror Image
First Secrets and Other Poems
Touch Earth
Things That Fall