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We, the Women
Merle Nudelman plumbs the nuances and vagaries which define our relationships and the shifting moments...
Burning The Furniture
Paul Nelson's new collection, Burning the Furniture, moves through a startling array of things seen...
The Herb Garden
Bartholomew the Englishman was a 13th century Franciscan friar and scholar whose only surviving work,...
Quartz and Mica
A translation of a collection of poems, many of which are set in New York...
Habibi: The diwan of Alim Maghrebi
Habibi, the love poems of the Moroccan poet Alim Maghrebi, is the latest in a...
Andrea Zanzotto's poetics have often been defined as emerging out of Romanticism, yet his work...
Roman poems set in the Piazza Navona that stage a fundamental encounter with both Rome and Italy, one that involves writing/desiring Italy. They experiment with a number of different voices and poetic styles and they present a montage of voices of diverse characters that range from an aristocratic flâneur whose drift-work is interrupted by a bold street-walker to an old poet in agony as a result of compromising his poetry by his compliance with Fascism.

"the earth is within me and now my dance has measure"
Thirteen Ways of Crossing the Piazza: Collected Poems
Melusine: A Ballad and a Diary
Slow Dancing: Creativity and Illness: Duologue and Rengas
What If Zen Gardens ...
The Irrelevant Man
Fire Watcher
The Clarity of Voices: Selected Poems 1974-1981
Writing Our Way Home
Arguments for Lawn Chairs
Songs of Exile