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The Circular Incantation: An Exercise in Loss and Findings
The incantation you find in this surprising collection is multifaceted and complex: the intimate personal,...
Dark Menagerie
The poems in Dark Menagerie want to encompass a radical experience of loneliness. It travels...
Imaginez l'inlandsis: sol édenté, rongé par la brume, sol incertain, mer et terre confondues. Imaginez-le...
Arms: New and Selected Poems
Laura Boss has continued and expanded her story of the complexity of survival in the...
Wings Folded in Cracks
Where other poets of his generation developed strategies of deconstruction, Jean-Pierre Vallotton invented a brave...
What We Pass On: Collected Poems: 1980-2009
In What We Pass On: Collected Poems: 1980-2009, Maria Mazziotti Gillan weaves a tapestry...
These poems are the living record of Katz' experiences, passions and reflections. Her writings speak of the transitions and changes in her cultural self, her maturing feminism, her encounters with destiny, history and nature. She writes to see more deeply, for the enchantment of words, the haunting spell of images emerging from the foam of memory. These writings are necessary companions and courageous teachers on this mysterious journey we call life.
Tasting Fire

Isabella Colalillo Katz
Tasting Fire
Bending the Continuum
A Bride in Three Acts
Arguments for Lawn Chairs
Everything Reminds You of Something Else
When The Rapture Comes
Devour Me Too
Floating Bodies
Portraits of Absence
La Promeneuse au jasmin
French Poets of Today
First Secrets and Other Poems