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Antichi E Moderni in Italia Nel Seicento: An Essay in Italian
A study of an important work by the Italian writer, Vincenzo Gramigna, dedicated to the...
The Courage of Poetry
The Courage of Poetry is an ars poetica, not in a technical sense, but as...
Minority Report: An Alternative History of English-Language Arts in Quebec
Quebec's English-language arts have experienced a remarkable revival in the 21st century. The music scene...
Durante la partenza
Allora, in effetti, non c'è più tempo, né più storie, né più oggetti e tutto...
The Bob Dylan Albums
In The Bob Dylan Albums, Anthony Varesi analyzes the Dylan canon through a detailed discussion...
My Silent Pledge: A Journey of Struggle, Survival and Remembrance
A child survivor, a child of survivors and a grandchild of a survivor, Sidney Zoltak...
This restless son of the Diaspora has worn out many pairs of shoes, alligator and otherwise, walking his beat which stretches from Toronto to Paradise via Armageddon. Poet and artist Joe Rosenblatt paints a surreal nocturnal world where everything private becomes part of the public domain as he examines the reasons for moving on. In these affectionate and critical essays, the secretive poet/voyeur is revealed as he has revealed the ruined and beautiful worlds that compel him. This book introduces and explains an icon of our time. Essays by David Berry, Barry Callaghan, Sharon Abron Drache, Ada Donati, Italo Evangelisti,...
Joe Rosenblatt: Essays on His Works
Painting Moments: Art, AIDS and Nick Palazzo
Voix off: Dix poètes anglophones du Québec
Robert Kroetsch: Essays on His Works
Hard Lumps: A Memoir
Barry Callaghan: Essays on His Works
Arise The Dead II: World War Two
A Call for Cultural Symbiosis
Breaking the Mould
Fremde: Discourse on the Foreign
Accidental Genius: The Pantheon of Modern American Poets
Othello's Sacrifice
Vendetta: The True Story of the Largest Lynching in U.S. History