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Coming Here, Being Here: A Canadian Migration Anthology
This migration anthology is an entertaining miscellany of memoir, essays, newspaper reportage, and even a...
Arrangiarsi: The Italian Immigration Experience in Canada
The term arrangiarsi is normally defined as "making do" or "getting by." This book marks...
Alden Nowlan: Essays on His Works
Alden Nowlan, born near Windsor, Nova Scotia, in 1933, was a poet, journalist, novelist, and...
Mediating Culture: The Politics of Representation
This collection of essays has been taken up with questions of power, mediation, marginality, democracy,...
Basilicata Secrets: A Culinary Journey
Anita Aloisio uncovers culinary secrets as she travels the Basilicata region of Italy. Along the...
Clark Blaise: Essays on His Works
This volume represents the first full-scale appreciation of Clark Blaise's writing in more than twenty-five...
The ten essays included in this volume address the themes of immigration, migration, and history in Pasquale Verdicchio's poetry and scholarship. Giuliana Gardellini, Joseph Pivato, Anna Zampieri Pan, Diego Bastianutti, Carmelo Militano, Leonardo Buonomo, Kenneth Scambray, Laura E. Ruberto, and Antonio D'Alfonso discuss Verdicchio's unconventional forms and contents that reveal the difficulties of being considered a marginalized ethnic voice in North American culture. Not conforming to conventional poetic models, Verdicchio writes poetry that presents itself as a puzzle in which for decades he demonstrates the role that politics, history, and culture play in self-analytical writing. The immigrant (or defined as...

"According to Pasquale Verdicchio, the task of the poet is to disclose global unconsciousness and to poke at the mechanisms of false probity. And no solution remedies the troubles that ensue. No language can be trusted. No emotion is self-sufficient. No concept totally accurate. Pasquale spreads open the fissure between... "
Pasquale Verdicchio: Essays on His Works

Antonio D'Alfonso, Joseph Pivato
Pasquale Verdicchio: Essays on His Works
Richard Outram: Essays on His Works
Les Images immobilisées: Procéder par impressions
Writers in Transition: The Proceedings of the First National Conference of Italian Canadian Writers
Alice Munro Everlasting: Essays on Her Works II
P.K. Page: Essays on Her Works
David Solway: Essays on His Works
Accidental Genius: The Pantheon of Modern American Poets
Untying The Apron: Daughters Remember Mothers of the 1950s
Pictura: Essays on the Works of Roy Kiyooka
Voix off: Dix poètes anglophones du Québec
Dany Laferrière: Essays On His Works
Sarah & Abraham: The Search for Miracles and the Stuttering Poet