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Le Fascisme et les Italiens à  Montréal: Une histoire orale: 1922-1945
Hugh MacLennan, l'un des grands écrivains canadiens de langue anglaise; Maurice Riel, ancient président du...
Nino Ricci: Essays on His Works
This book of essays examines the fictional work of Nino Ricci from a variety of...
Barry Callaghan: Essays on His Works
A great story teller, Barry Callaghan is one of the most distinctive man of letters...
Parallel to Life
This book celebrates the life of the writer, its passions, its rewards and of course...
Implicate Me: Short Essays on Reading  Contemporary Poems
The thirty-three authors whose poems appear in this collection are: Jonathan Bennett, Rosemary Blake, Allan...
Films d'Afrique
A history of African film, both its influences and its influence.
Sheila Watson published the iconic novel, The Double Hook, in 1959 and influenced the writing styles of many Canadian authors who followed her, including: Robert Kroetsch, Michael Ondaatje, George Bowering, Daphne Marlatt and others. This is the first collection of essays devoted to all of Watson's writing as well as her work as editor and mentor. The collection examines not only The Double Hook but also the first novel she wrote, Deep Hollow Creek (published in 1992), her short stories and the McLuhan connection. The contributors include: Caterina Edwards, E.D. Blodgett, Mary G. Hamilton, George Melnyk, Margaret Morriss, Margot Northey,...

"Sheila Watson, like the modernist writers she read and taught, T.S. Eliot, Ezra Pound, James Joyce and Gertrude Stein, believed that the text should stand on its own without the biographical information or personal intentions of the author influencing the reading."
Sheila Watson: Essays on Her Works
The Darkest Side of the Fascist Years: The Italian-Canadian Press: 1920-1942
TWO LETTERS... And Counting!
bill bissett: Essays on His Works
Joe Rosenblatt: Essays on His Works
Contrasts: Comparative Essays on Italian-Canadian Writing
Othello's Sacrifice
Maria Mazziotti Gillan: Essays on Her Works
The North American Italian Renaissance: Italian Writing in America and Canada
Voix off: Dix poètes anglophones du Québec
Quêtes: Textes d'auteurs italo-québécois
Delft Blue & Objects of the World: Archives I and II
Sociopolitics: Political Development in Postmodern Societies