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M. G. Vassanji: Essays on His Works
This collection was born of a conviction that Vassanji's contributions to the global literary scene...
William Hutt: Soldier Actor
William Hutt showed that it was possible to be a great classical actor without sacrificing...
Devils in Paradise: Writing on Post-Emigrant Culture
What is an Italian North American? What is Italian-American culture? How is an immigrant group...
Breaking the Mould
In this memoir Penny Petrone tells what it was like growing up in Northern Ontario...
Shakespeare Beyond Science: When Poetry Was the World
Shakespeare wrote at a unique historical turning point: the world was understood through poetry --...
Films d'Afrique
A history of African film, both its influences and its influence.
The writings collected here all testify to the complexity of Gunnars' literary visions as much as they testify to the sheer pleasures of reading her work. In her interview, Gunnars speaks both as a reader and a writer, describing the form and modes of address of her work, as well as the philosophical and literary traditions she draws from. The nine essays and two poems, organized chronologically according to the publication dates of the primary texts they treat, represent a broad range of approaches to Kristjana Gunnars' work.
Kristjana Gunnars: Essays on Her Works
The Expo Affair: A Cold War Escape Story
Orvieto: Urbs vetus
Slow Dancing: Creativity and Illness: Duologue and Rengas
Remembering Shakespeare: The Scope of His Achievement from ‘Hamlet' through ‘The Tempest'
TWO LETTERS... And Counting!
Blood of My Blood: The Dilemma of the Italian-Americans
Les Traquenards de la grammaire anglaise
The Butcher of Park Ex: And Other Semi-Truthful Tales
Voix off: Dix poètes anglophones du Québec
Barry Callaghan: Essays on His Works
Le Fascisme et les Italiens à  Montréal: Une histoire orale: 1922-1945
Duologue: On Culture and Identity