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bill bissett: Essays on His Works
This collection of essays is an attempt by various family members to define a brother...
A Life Out of Whack: Confessions and Reflections of an Un-American All-American
Part memoir of the author's early life--including his experience as a New York City cop...
Basilicata Secrets: A Culinary Journey
Anita Aloisio uncovers culinary secrets as she travels the Basilicata region of Italy. Along the...
Quêtes: Textes d'auteurs italo-québécois
This collection features 18 authors from Quebec whose only connection is that they are of...
Sheila Watson: Essays on Her Works
Sheila Watson published the iconic novel, The Double Hook, in 1959 and influenced the writing...
Cosmopolitics: Public Policy of Outer Space
Defined as the "public affairs of outer space," Cosmopolitics deals with the international legal, economic,...
In the original introduction to Pascal D'Angelo's Son of Italy, the renowned literary critic Carl Van Doren praised D'Angelo's autobiography as an impassioned story of his "enormous struggles against every disadvantage." In his narrative of his fruitless labor as a "pick and shovel" worker in America, D'Angelo, who immigrated from the Abruzzi region of Italy, describes the harsh, often inhumane working conditions that immigrants had to endure at the beginning of the twentieth century. However, interested in more than just material success in America, D'Angelo quit working as a laborer to become a poet. He began submitting his poetry to...
Son of Italy

Pascal D'Angelo
Son of Italy
Italo-Canadians: Nationality and Citizenship
Alice Munro Country: Essays on Her Works I
Daring to Dream: A Handbook for Hope in the Time of Trump
Trapped: A Mother's Quest to Reclaim Her Daughters
Ten Letters to Montaigne
My Silent Pledge: A Journey of Struggle, Survival and Remembrance
David Helwig: Essays on His Works
Why Do You Look at Me and See a Girl?
Don McKay: Essays on His Works
Mediating Culture: The Politics of Representation
Drew Hayden Taylor: Essays on His Works
Surviving The Apocalypse: Understanding and fighting through the coming emergency