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Sharon Pollock: Essays on Her Works
This collection of essays is the first book on Sharon Pollock's work, a career which...
J. J. Steinfeld: Essays on His Works
Compiled and edited by Sandra Singer, J. J. Steinfeld: Essays on His Works is a...
Untying The Apron: Daughters Remember Mothers of the 1950s
Mothers of the 1950s were wasp-waisted, dutiful, serene, and tied to the kitchen with apron...
In the Writers' Words: Conversations with Eight Canadian Poets
Laurence Hutchman, in In the Writers' Words: Conversations with Eight Canadian Poets, interviews major poets...
bill bissett: Essays on His Works
This collection of essays is an attempt by various family members to define a brother...
Arrangiarsi: The Italian Immigration Experience in Canada
The term arrangiarsi is normally defined as "making do" or "getting by." This book marks...
Desire Lines is a collection of essays on art, poetry and culture--both high and low--gathered from the astute critical work of Toronto writer Ewan Whyte. Topics range from the influence of Plato on the poetry of Anne Carson to the influence of the cultural revolution on the art of Ai Weiwei; from his thoughts on an extreme American/Canadian mind control cult to the cultural implications of the cadaver plasticization work of Gunter von Hagens and the influence of violence as creation in the art of Viktor Mitic. Spontaneous and contemporary, these are essays for those who like to re-think.

"My imagination carries my sight through the kaleidoscopic distance, falling away from what was a moment ago. Trees, bridges, water, and the changing animal clouds in the sky shift with the lights at the sides of the tracks and overpasses that temporarily mark all changing lines of sight."
Desire Lines: Essays on Art, Poetry & Culture
Why Do You Look at Me and See a Girl?
Les Traquenards de la grammaire anglaise
Looking Through My Mother's Eyes: Life Stories of Nine Italian Immigrant Women in Canada
Italo-Canadesi: Nationality and Citizenship
Voix off: Dix poètes anglophones du Québec
The Archeology of a Good Ragù: Discovering Naples, My Father & Myself
Clark Blaise: The Interviews
Caterina Edwards: Essays on Her Works
Maria Mazziotti Gillan: Essays on Her Works
Incontro: University and Mass Media
It's Attachment: A New Way of Understanding Yourself and Your Relationships
Tell Me What Moves You