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Jane Urquhart: Essays on Her Works
Jane Urquhart has published three books of poetry, a collection of short stories and five...
Gary Geddes: Essays on His Works
Gary Geddes has been called Canada's best political poet. For almost forty years and in...
Italo-Canadesi: Nationality and Citizenship
In questo volume Alberto Di Giovanni ci presenta un ampio panorama della storia recente del...
Robert Kroetsch: Essays on His Works
These essays span the period of Kroetsch's writing. Included are previously published and new essays...
Caterina Edwards: Essays on Her Works
This book on Edwards' work examines her literary achievement. Essays by Joseph Pivato, Elizabeth Sarlo-Hayes,...
David Helwig: Essays on His Works
To date, Canadian poet, novelist, and essayist David Helwig has published close to fifty books...
This book consists of the fascinating adventure of a video with Patrick Straram - from September 1987 to the end of February 1988. Patrick Straram died on 6 March 1988. The book records a specific day, 13 February 1988. For several weeks, Patrick knew he did not have long to live. He could no longer write and he was having more and more trouble preparing his radio broadcasts at Radio Centre-ville in Montreal.
Patrick Straram ou le Bison ravi

Jean-Gaétan Séguin
Patrick Straram ou le Bison ravi
Get Onboard: Walk in the Shoes of a Transit Operator
Aritha van Herk: Essays on Her Works
Orvieto: Urbs vetus
Othello's Sacrifice
The Southern Question
P.K. Page: Essays on Her Works
Mary Di Michele: Essays on Her Works
In the Writers' Words: Conversations with Eight Canadian Poets
William Hutt: Soldier Actor
Richard Outram: Essays on His Works
Happy Slaves: A Duologue on Multicultural Deficit
The Power of Allegiances: Identity, Culture, and Representational Strategies