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The Enchanted People
The Enchanted People is a humanitarian fairytale about a young girl named Wawatay who lives...
Welcome to Kamini
Poor Russell Dean, golden boy of American advertising. His meticulously crafted career has brought him...
…And Along Came Alexis
...And Along Came Alexis is a book about choices and consequences. The author's youngest daughter,...
Mirrors and Windows
Over the years Anna Yin has had the honor to translate more than 50 poets'...
Grave Dancing on Two Left Feet
At times a comedy of terrors, pitting the severe pogrom pain of one side of...
If small-town reporter Polly Stern has to cover one more manure runoff story, she's going...
Twelve years in America and Eziafa Okereke has nothing to show for it. Desperate to re-write his story, Eziafa returns to Nigeria to find a woman he can mold to his taste. Eighteen-year-old Zina has big dreams. An arranged marriage to a much older man isn't one of them. Trapped by family expectations, Zina marries Eziafa, moves to Houston, and trains as a nurse. Buffeted by a series of disillusions, the couple stagger through a turbulent marriage until Zina decides to change the rules of engagement.*Please note that this title has a content warning for domestic violence.
A Good Name

Yejide Kilanko
A Good Name
Manhattan Meltdown
April on Paris Street
Anthony: A Composite Novel
Italiani di chiese e processioni a Montréal
The Shade Tree
Romarcord: Flânerie, Spectacle et Mémoire dans la Rome de Federico Fellini
Of Love
Shifting Paradigms: Essays on Art and Culture
This Way Home: Selected and New Work
Somewhat Absurd, Somehow Existential
Reversing Time: One Boy's Quest to Change History
Across the Face of the Storm