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Telescope: A Story Cycle
Telescope is a story cycle about Lawrence Teitel, the protagonist of Living Room (Boheme Press,...
Ten Letters to Montaigne
Socrates looked expectantly to the afterlife, when he would be able to converse with the...
Bewilderness explores urban and suburban wildernesses-- threshold places--in a darkly comedic, surreal set of prose...
Footprints of Dark Energy
The title poem of this collection takes us on an epic journey across past and...
Colours to the Chameleon: Canadian Actors on Shakespeare
The first work of its kind in Canada, this book explores 11 first-rate actors' perceptions...
Gauguin's Moon
Daniella believes her lost mother is a World War II hero, but is terrorized by...
The first of a two-part novel, Itzel I tells the story of three disparate characters swept up in the drama of the Mexican student movement of 1968 whose ending in the Massacre in Tlatelolco on October 2nd, a date now always commemorated in Mexico, changed their lives forever. Broad in scope and exuberant in style in the best tradition of Latin American literature, this book roots its readers in the ebullience of Mexico's daily life and language, even as they are made to confront the horrors of history, to examine the difficulties of friendship and family.

"What we will return to is a city under occupation. A city in defeat. And in the midst of it, the beacon of Itzel's smile."
Itzel I: A Tlatelolco Awakening

Sarah Xerar Murphy
Itzel I: A Tlatelolco Awakening
The Long Bond: Selected and New Poems
An Idea About My Dead Uncle
McLuhan's Canary
The Perfect Archive
Sleepless Nights and Days of Glory
Melba's Wash
Extraordinary Renditions
Mad Hatter
Mother's Genius
How to Tell if Your Frog Is Dead: Stories
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