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Cadillac Road
With its starting point in the late 1940s, Cadillac Road is the story of red-haired...
math for couples
In math for couples, we re-visit the past to discover our place in the contemporary...
Everything Reminds You of Something Else
Thin is the line between dreaming and wakefulness, wellness and disorder, here and there, this...
Two brothers come to school and do nothing but tell stories. A young woman works at the Indian Consulate in a major American city. A man goes to a singles dance. An unnamed narrator offers his “notes” on modern-day America. An old Jewish man in a nursing home tells the tale of his daughter. A retired man in India tries to collect his pension. A woman tells the story of her husband's death in partition India. A man goes from interview to interview, hoping for employment. Some stories are fable-like, others more realistic. However, all stories deal, in one way...

"I am a product of my age: mean, jealous, vindictive. I hate my neighbors, I hate their successes. I hate Justices of the Supreme Court: I find them dull. I hate schools of government: I find them silly. I hate law schools: I find them limited."
Notes of a Mediocre Man: Stories of India and America
The Midwife of Torment & Other Stories
Robert Kroetsch: Essays on His Works
Food Fight Inc.: Napkin Sketches to Retail Shelves: An Entrepreneur's Odyssey of Triumphs and Lemons
Waiting for Stalin to Die
Cantos North / Cantos du nord: An English-French Bilingual Edition
The House on Selkirk Avenue