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Cantos North / Cantos du nord: An English-French Bilingual Edition
Epic in scope, lyrical in its celebration of nature, frequently uncompromising in its portrayal of...
Domenico Capilongo continues to play with lyricism, form and language in his new poetry collection,...
The Midwife of Torment & Other Stories
The Midwife of Torment & Other Stories is a collection of sudden fiction that compresses...
The second part of Book I of “The Canticles” continues the dialogue -- as dramatic monologues -- of those who fostered the transatlantic slave trade, or who demonized the image of the Negro in the Occident; as well as those who struggled for liberation and/or anti-racism. In this work, Dante can critique Christopher Columbus and Frederick Douglass can upbraid Abraham Lincoln; Elizabeth Barrett Browning can muse on her African racial heritage and its implications for child-bearing, while Karl Marx can excoriate Queen Victoria. Book II will focus on Black folk readings of Scripture, Hebrew and Greek, with a few other...

"I'm hardly “black,” and am somewhat “Native,” with a dragged-out, belly-dredging laugh, and Poetry slagged, rightly, as “bombastic”: My voice be a lot of bitter roaring, eh?"
Canticles I (mmxvii)

George Elliott Clarke
Canticles I (mmxvii)
Waiting for Stalin to Die
Notes of a Mediocre Man: Stories of India and America
Everything Reminds You of Something Else
Cadillac Road
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The New Vine