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Somewhat Absurd, Somehow Existential
Through these far-reaching and searching poems, J. J. Steinfeld's work continues to not only orbit...
Reversing Time: One Boy's Quest to Change History
The odds are definitely against Simon, racing home from school every day a step ahead...
Anthony: A Composite Novel
Following a stranger hoping he's a long-lost friend. Breaking into a relative's home to retrieve...
Don't Hang Your Soul on That
The novel features two main narratives in alternating chapters. The first narrative is set in...
This Way Home: Selected and New Work
This book contains selections from Gianna Patriarca's previously published poetry books, as well as a...
…And Along Came Alexis
...And Along Came Alexis is a book about choices and consequences. The author's youngest daughter,...
The Enchanted People is a humanitarian fairytale about a young girl named Wawatay who lives away from her village as an outcast because she is different. All the people in her village have an enchanted power except for her, and so, she is not accepted by them. While living in solitude, Wawatay finds an injured baby sparrow and begins to care for her despite ridicule and discouragement from her people. When Baby Bird grows up and asks Wawatay to teach her to fly, Wawatay embarks on a journey across the Earth to seek help from her animal friends and learn...

"Wawatay was born at night, underneath a winter sky draped in colour from the solar winds that circle the earth and enchant the darkness. She was born to a father who could smash boulders and cliff sides with his fists, a mother who could smell berries and roots growing from... "
The Enchanted People

Jennifer Pool
The Enchanted People
Inside the Pearl
Shifting Paradigms: Essays on Art and Culture
Across the Face of the Storm
The Shade Tree
Call Me Stan: A Tragedy in Three Millennia
Romarcord: Flânerie, Spectacle et Mémoire dans la Rome de Federico Fellini
A Good Name
Welcome to Kamini
Grave Dancing on Two Left Feet
Manhattan Meltdown
Against the Machine: Manifesto