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Lucy and Bonbon
What if humans were able to reproduce with other great apes? What would the hybrid...
The Narrow Cabinet: A Zombie Chronicle
The Narrow Cabinet is a book about change, loss and the struggle to understand what...
A very successful detective fiction writer, Leo Basilius, decides to bring his popular crime series...
Made in Hawaii
A father in Hawaii takes his troubled son fishing, unable to tell him the sad...
The Hands
Moving, intriguing, and exquisite, this collection is a paean to the iconic personalities Marty Gervais...
Cut Road
Containing a rich mix of acclaimed and award-winning stories, Cut Road is a masterful exploration...
A young man, Ray, returns to where he was born, Weyburn, SK, after several years traveling anonymously around the country. He's recently been suffering from frightening nightmares and he feels they may have something to do with his past, especially within the walls of the abandoned former mental asylum where his father had worked and his mother had been a patient. Old loves, old wounds and old grievances are rekindled, made especially difficult by the fact that his brother is the town sheriff and is also married to Ray's former girlfriend. The presence of an older, mute, indigenous woman adds...
Darkness at the Edge of Town
The Opposition
All Creatures Weird and Dangerous
In the Writers' Words: Volume 2
Almost Love
The World Through Your Eyes
Archer: On the River of Time: Book Three
Don't Ask
Momma's Got the Blues
Printmaker's Daughter, Painter's Wife
Flame Out
A History of Touch