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Seeker: A Sea Odyssey
Seeker: A Sea Odyssey begins as a fairy tale dream of finding Shangri la, and...
The Dog Who Ate the Vegetable Garden & Helped Save the Planet
Dori's narrative is a heart-touching and zany blend of actual events in the life of...
Rivers Applaud Forever
In Rivers Applaud Forever, Raymond Filip, the craftsman and musician, showcases his spoken-word texts that...
Bonavere Howl
It is 1955, and the three Fayette sisters have lived their whole lives in the...
Philipovna: Daughter of Sorrow
Philipovna: The Daughter of Sorrow is a creative non-fiction based on the author's mother's surviving...
On a quest to rescue his community from a fiery demise Zak the poet-possum seeks...
In 2019 Barbie turns 60. Never only a toy, she defines the stellar. In Plastic's Republic, Giovanna Riccio delves into Barbie's impact on female beauty highlighting how plasticity in body and persona have allowed the doll to remain top-diva. Other poems bring to life, Mattel's movers-n-shakers who created Barbie to be their in-house money maker. Riccio's Plastications lyrics illustrate how Barbie's mouldable nature lets Mattel position their high achiever as ever-relevant, arguably, by exploiting social trends, political movements and historical events. In the Human Barbies section, Barbie becomes plastic surgery's prophet, spawning “plastic-positive” people who see their bodies as raw...


I'm plastic

in the original sense of the word,

the matter behind your need

for personal theatre, for the preview.

Calculated to be pivotal,

I'm a living doll

selling my own bill of goods.

Plastic's Republic

Giovanna Riccio
Plastic's Republic
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