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Quarantine of the Mind: Obedience Training for Adult Humans
Quarantine of The Mind: Preventative Imprisonment for Crimes Not Yet Committed is grounded in W....
Higher Teaching: A Handbook for New Post-secondary Faculty
Higher Teaching is a practical manual designed for the new teacher in college or university....
Living Dolls and Other Women
In our era of #MeToo and fresh attempts to break the gender biased holds on...
From Sojourners to Citizens: Alberta's Italian History
From Sojourners to Citizens: Alberta's Italian History brings to life the untold story of Italian...
Not In Vain You've Sent Me Light
Not in Vain You've Sent Me Light begins with a provocative, sometimes humorous exposé of...
Il Vagabondo: An Urban Opera
Enter the cross-cultural tale of gusto and enchantment, adaptation and loss, preserving the old ways...
Choosing Eleonore tells the story of a one-way friendship, of tragic loneliness. In it, award-winning Quebec author Andrée A. Gratton explores the syndrome of the delusion of being loved. Centred on two young women: Eleonore and Marianne, this is Marianne's story. From the first sentence, we feel that something is wrong in her perception of reality. But who is this Eleonore, whom Marianne had never spoken to? What is so fascinating about her? Neither humiliation and rebuffs nor rejection will disabuse Marianne of her certainty of being loved by Eleonore.

"Long before we met, Eleonore was dreaming of me. Not me with this hair, these two hands or the sound of my voice. No. Of me as a friend, an ideal friend."
Choosing Eleonore

Andrée A. Gratton, Ian Thomas Shaw
Choosing Eleonore
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