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Letters from the Land of Fear: Intimacy, Beauty and Death in Central Asia
For 11 months Calvin White worked for Doctors Without Borders as a mental health specialist...
Get Onboard: Walk in the Shoes of a Transit Operator
Success and promotion within Toronto's public transportation system come at a price. The shifts bring...
April on Paris Street
The basic damsel-in-distress gig sounds perfect to private investigator Ashley Smeeton, who's got her own...
The Sex Life of the Amoeba
A novel about passions -- a passion for sex, a passion for America, and a...
Food Fight Inc.: Napkin Sketches to Retail Shelves: An Entrepreneur's Odyssey of Triumphs and Lemons
What do Jamie Oliver, Pope Saint John Paul II, Sammy Hagar, and *NSYNC have in...
The Expo Affair: A Cold War Escape Story
The Expo Affair is a narrative memoir of international intrigue and romance that took place...
Told in two volumes, Arise the Dead--part memoir, part historical fiction--spans the period between 1914 and 1945. The two books concentrate on the lives of real people--the author's parents, the author, a young pilot from New Jersey in WW1, and others--as well as some fictional characters, all of whom lived through one or both of the wars and were profoundly affected personally by them. Arise the Dead II focuses on the Second World War and how the war affected the author's family living just outside of London and in the path of the German bombing missions. It tells the story...

"On April 6, 1915, in the face of an imminent attack by the enemy, a young French adjutant, Jacques Pericard, seeing that his comrades in the trench were either dead or wounded, cried out: ARISE THE DEAD! (Translation of a memorial plaque)"
Arise The Dead II: World War Two

Elizabeth Langridge
Arise The Dead II: World War Two
Seeker: A Sea Odyssey
The Butcher of Park Ex: And Other Semi-Truthful Tales
Reversing Time: One Boy's Quest to Change History
My Silent Pledge: A Journey of Struggle, Survival and Remembrance
In The Backyard: Relearning the Art of Aging, Dying and Making Love
Arise The Dead I: The Great War
It's Attachment: A New Way of Understanding Yourself and Your Relationships
A Schizo-Philosopher's Colouring Book
Higher Teaching: A Handbook for New Post-secondary Faculty
Writing Poetry To Save Your Life: How To Find The Courage To Tell Your Stories
Quill of the Dove