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The Expo Affair: A Cold War Escape Story
The Expo Affair is a narrative memoir of international intrigue and romance that took place...
Get Onboard: Walk in the Shoes of a Transit Operator
Success and promotion within Toronto's public transportation system come at a price. The shifts bring...
The Sex Life of the Amoeba
A novel about passions -- a passion for sex, a passion for America, and a...
Textbooks describe cancer as a malignant tumour or growth, caused when cells multiply uncontrollably. Researchers give no mention to the consumption of healthy thoughts, and the birth of destructive, negative feelings. Cancer bursts into your consciousness, and like its concrete form, malignant thoughts multiply uncontrollably. In Hard Lumps, Nancy-Gail Burns corrals those thoughts and feelings and illustrates that in the end, good things can be found in just about anything.

"My Cancer is a pushy little bugger. From the beginning, it manages to intrude on all of our celebrations."
Hard Lumps: A Memoir

Nancy-Gail Burns
Hard Lumps: A Memoir
Letters from the Land of Fear: Intimacy, Beauty and Death in Central Asia
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