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Food Fight Inc.: Napkin Sketches to Retail Shelves: An Entrepreneur's Odyssey of Triumphs and Lemons
What do Jamie Oliver, Pope Saint John Paul II, Sammy Hagar, and *NSYNC have in...
It's Attachment: A New Way of Understanding Yourself and Your Relationships
How do we make sense of our relationships -- successes and failures, preferences and challenges,...
Quill of the Dove
French journalist Marc Taragon is at the apex of his career in 2007. A tenacious...
Trapped: A Mother's Quest to Reclaim Her Daughters
Imagine that the charming, seemingly Westernized immigrant man that you fell in love with turns...
Arise The Dead I: The Great War
Told in two volumes, Arise the Dead--part memoir, part historical fiction--spans the period between 1914...
April on Paris Street
The basic damsel-in-distress gig sounds perfect to private investigator Ashley Smeeton, who's got her own...
Throughout human history, great and free nations have been built on noble dreams. Recently, in some once promising nations, dreams of betterment and possibility, have been effectively compromised. The current political landscape, featuring cold partisan interest, calculated distraction, divisive fear mongering, negativity, and voter disillusionment, has enabled a perfect storm of toxic dysfunction. To make matters worse, personal integrity and accountability have become almost non-existent in political leaders. In such an environment, dreams of social, economic and ecological justice can easily be thwarted. Progress can become much more selective, favouring power and privilege. This handbook integrates critical thinking and media...

"I cannot allay my daughters' fears, any more than my parents were able to protect me from “God-less communists bent on world domination.” But, I can focus their critical thinking to help my daughters sort through the hype, misinformation, and loaded rhetoric, often prevailing in today's post-modern, digital world. In... "
Daring to Dream: A Handbook for Hope in the Time of Trump
Seeker: A Sea Odyssey
The Butcher of Park Ex: And Other Semi-Truthful Tales
Venera Dreams: A Weird Entertainment
Writing Poetry To Save Your Life: How To Find The Courage To Tell Your Stories
Sarah & Abraham: The Search for Miracles and the Stuttering Poet
Get Onboard: Walk in the Shoes of a Transit Operator
Hard Lumps: A Memoir
The Expo Affair: A Cold War Escape Story
Basilicata Secrets: A Culinary Journey
Arise The Dead II: World War Two
In The Backyard: Relearning the Art of Aging, Dying and Making Love
…And Along Came Alexis