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Where Seas and Fables Meet: Parables, Aphorisms, Fragments, Thought
This powerful, beautiful book blends parables, aphorisms, dreams, fantasies, anecdotes, witticisms, puns, vignettes, and prose...
Life Stories
I have written Life Stories virtually in the space of one breath -- these stories...
Tracie's Revenge & Other Stories
A classic short fiction writer, Wade Bell lets his characters do the talking for him,...
Prague Memories
The two short stories in this collection are steeped in the revelries and tragedies of...
Thieves Never Steal in the Rain
Births mark beginnings, while funerals toll in endings. Yet there resides so much in-between drama...
Ricordi: Things Remembered
This collection of stories is linked thematically by the writers' exploration of Ricordi: the impetus...
Mothers of the 1950s were wasp-waisted, dutiful, serene, and tied to the kitchen with apron strings. Or so we thought. This collection of searing and startling poetry and prose unties the stereotype and reveals women who were strong, wild, talented, wise, mad, creative, desperate, angry, courageous, bitter, tenacious, reckless and beautiful, sometimes all at once. The contributors include multi-award-winning poets, novelists, and essayists, as well as compelling new literary voices.

"Consider this collection a kaffeeklatsch, post-war mothers gathered to reveal their resilience, hope, anger, frustration, madness, despair, happiness, humour, zaniness, mystery, and light."
Untying The Apron: Daughters Remember Mothers of the 1950s
A Destroyer of Compasses
No Place Fit for a Child
The Anthology of Italian-Canadian Writing
Subtitles & Other Stories
Natural Stories #1
After the Fireworks
A House on the Piazza
The Midwife of Torment & Other Stories
Surface Roots
Bittersweet Pieces: A Collection of Dutch Short Stories
Nice People: A Collection of Dutch Short Stories
Nobody Looks That Young Here