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Naked in the Sanctuary
A teenaged girl discovers a smuggling ring in the church her family attends. A father...
Life Stories
I have written Life Stories virtually in the space of one breath -- these stories...
A Rogue's Decameron
A Rogue's Decameron consists of ten tales based within the spirit of Chaucer's The Canterbury...
Natural Stories #1
To his European audience Sanguineti is the intellectual confrère of writers such as Italo Calvino...
This is a translation by two-time Governor-General's award-recipient Nigel Spencer of award-winning Quebecois writer Lise...
Ricordi: Things Remembered
This collection of stories is linked thematically by the writers' exploration of Ricordi: the impetus...
Migration stories are an essential component of Canada's historical/literary continuum; we need to know of such writings to rationalize about who Canadians really are, and where they are from. Aren't we all the children of migration? Where we came from, how we got here, who we were, and are, and who may become in time … such themes should interest all those naturally concerned about identity and origin; that eternal enigma wrought of migration. These short-fiction stories tell much about migration and Canada, in ways that are funny, ribald, tragic or contemplative, but never dull.

"The fact that there will always be plenty of stories related to the act of relocating to another country is a given. The journey is never easy; no guarantees are offered. But to get such a promising new start as Canada offers can be much like being born all over... "
A Second Coming: Canadian Migration Fiction

Don Mulcahy, F.G. Paci, Caterina Edwards, Cyril Dabydeen
A Second Coming: Canadian Migration Fiction
At the Copa
A Demon in My View
Playing To Win
Mankind & Other Stories of Women
Expulsion & Other Stories
Pillars of Lace: The Anthology of Italian-Canadian Women Writers
American Stories
Lucia's Eyes and Other Stories
Thieves Never Steal in the Rain
Looking Through My Mother's Eyes: Life Stories of Nine Italian Immigrant Women in Canada
Vanishing Villages
Rust Is a Form of Fire