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Writing Our Way Home
Writing Our Way Home is an important contribution to literary studies. “Italian-Canadian writers are not...
Bittersweet Pieces: A Collection of Dutch Short Stories
This collection of short stories by eleven prominent Dutch writers from the last two decades...
Vanishing Villages
Clement Marchand is a seminal figure in Quebec literature, standing at the crossroads between the...
Three by Three
This collection comprises three stories each by three Quebecois authors.
Ricordi: Things Remembered
This collection of stories is linked thematically by the writers' exploration of Ricordi: the impetus...
A Demon in My View
This offbeat story collection effortlessly captures dark underworlds and the eccentric characters that inhabit them....
Mothers of the 1950s were wasp-waisted, dutiful, serene, and tied to the kitchen with apron strings. Or so we thought. This collection of searing and startling poetry and prose unties the stereotype and reveals women who were strong, wild, talented, wise, mad, creative, desperate, angry, courageous, bitter, tenacious, reckless and beautiful, sometimes all at once. The contributors include multi-award-winning poets, novelists, and essayists, as well as compelling new literary voices.

"Consider this collection a kaffeeklatsch, post-war mothers gathered to reveal their resilience, hope, anger, frustration, madness, despair, happiness, humour, zaniness, mystery, and light."
Untying The Apron: Daughters Remember Mothers of the 1950s
Tracie's Revenge & Other Stories
Polish[ed]: Poland Rooted in Canadian Fiction
Mankind & Other Stories of Women
Mirror Image
The Snows of Yesteryear
Bombay Wali & Other Stories
Blessed Harbours: An Anthology of Canadian-Hungarian Writers
My Multi-Ethnic Friends & Other Stories
Life Stories
Prague Memories
Where Seas and Fables Meet: Parables, Aphorisms, Fragments, Thought
At the Copa