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Rust Is a Form of Fire
Joe Fiorito spent 18 hours in total, over the course of three days, on the...
Polish[ed]: Poland Rooted in Canadian Fiction
Polish(ed): Poland Rooted in Canadian Fiction is the only anthology of Polish-Canadian writing in Canada...
Help Me, Rhonda & Other Stories
The fourteen stories in this collection are roughly evenly divided between those set in Israel...
Weather Permitting & Other Stories
The stories in this collection centre around new immigrants -- spirited people prepared to leave...
Blessed Harbours: An Anthology of Canadian-Hungarian Writers
Commemorating the 115th anniversary of Hungarian immigration to Canada, this anthology provides a representative picture...
The Snows of Yesteryear
Len Gasparini is a master of the dark, hard-edged, densely layered story. In his latest...
Fleeing Stalin's advance into Lithuania, shaken by communism and war, four refugees end up in Toronto in 1949. Vytas, a young doctor who gets into medical school by saving a child's life, is haunted by a lost love. Maryte, a seamstress whose affair with a German officer saved her half-witted brother, struggles to take care of him. Justine, a concert pianist raped during the war, strives to regain her ability to make music. Father Geras, an illegitimate child steered into the priesthood by family, finds purpose in guiding his exiled people. Trying to resume normal lives, longing for their country's...

"He dreams of Vilnius. Night after night he dreams of the city which he left, though he did not wish to."
Waiting for Stalin to Die

Irene Guilford
Waiting for Stalin to Die
Secret Transfusions
Mankind & Other Stories of Women
After the Fireworks
Life Stories
Changing The Face of Canadian Literature: A Diverse Canadian Anthology
Falsipedies & Fibsiennes
A Destroyer of Compasses
Tracie's Revenge & Other Stories
A Place of Light
American Stories