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A Destroyer of Compasses
Sometimes lyrical, sometimes tough, these stories deal with the foibles and frailties of acutely drawn...
Notes of a Mediocre Man: Stories of India and America
Two brothers come to school and do nothing but tell stories. A young woman works...
The Quantum Theory of Love and Madness
To fill gaping holes in their lives, the protagonists in The Quantum Theory of Love...
Shattered Fossils
Shattered Fossils, a collection of short stories, takes its title from themes of the irretrievable...
Middle-Aged Boys & Girls
We all know adults who are stranded in the amber of adolescence. Growing older but...
Weather Permitting & Other Stories
The stories in this collection centre around new immigrants -- spirited people prepared to leave...
A boy finds a vocation as a weaver of bread. A Russian woman, thought dead, e-mails greetings to her adolescent sister in a Canadian suburb. An investment banker vanishes and is found fifteen years later when his daughter discovers a painting of herself in a distant gallery. With wit and ache, Daniel Karasik's Faithful and Other Stories evokes a world of seekers, characters panning for meaning in environments by turns hostile, mystifying, and enchanted. This collection brings together stories honoured with the CBC Short Story Prize, The Malahat Review's Jack Hodgins Founders' Award for Fiction, and the Alta Lind Cook Prize.

"What the family does not know is that on Saul's last night he broke his silence. Emphatically. At dusk. After four days without words, my husband said, quite loudly: Were you there? He raised his head from the pillow. Yes, he said, certainly you were there. I leaned in from... "
Faithful and Other Stories

Daniel Karasik
Faithful and Other Stories
After the Fireworks
Holy Fools + 2 Stories
Vanishing Villages
Date With Destiny
Nobody Looks That Young Here
Thieves Never Steal in the Rain
Changing The Face of Canadian Literature: A Diverse Canadian Anthology
Untying The Apron: Daughters Remember Mothers of the 1950s
Kaidenberg's Best Sons: A novel in stories
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Waiting for Stalin to Die
Anthony: A Composite Novel