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After the Fireworks
Raymond Filip's subject is alienation, and he writes about it with a stylistic gusto that's...
Island of the Nightingales
These are stories of women searching for identity and place and purpose in an international...
A Demon in My View
This offbeat story collection effortlessly captures dark underworlds and the eccentric characters that inhabit them....
The Voices We Carry: Recent Italian American Women's Fiction
This collection voices the ongoing fascination with ethnicity in America. In this case, it is...
Ricordi: Things Remembered
This collection of stories is linked thematically by the writers' exploration of Ricordi: the impetus...
Thieves Never Steal in the Rain
Births mark beginnings, while funerals toll in endings. Yet there resides so much in-between drama...
Writing Our Way Home is an important contribution to literary studies. “Italian-Canadian writers are not just Canadian writers, but world writers,” states literary critic Elena Lamberti in the introduction to Writing Our Way Home. “They write from Canada with an original point of view on multiple (hybrid) identities and have something to tell the whole world …” A unique volume of creative and critical texts, Writing Our Way Home features contributors from Canada, Italy and the United States: Annalisa Bonomo, John Calabro, Michele Campanini, Licia Canton, Maria Giuseppina Cesari, Pietro Corsi, Domenic Cusmano, Marisa De Franceschi, Mike Dell'Aquila, Alberto Mario...

"Through time, determination and talent, Italian-Canadian authors have established a cultural and artistic heritage which matters to both Canada and Italy."
Writing Our Way Home

Licia Canton, Caroline Morgan Di Giovanni
Writing Our Way Home
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