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Claiming Kin
Set in Santa Cruz, California; San Remo, Italy; Paris, France; and a fictional town called...
Amor, Amor
Dix-huit ans, retour dans sa famille, sur la Côte-Nord, le temps des vacances. Entre le...
Max's Folly
Max has been a freelance reporter dodging bullets in Latin America, a small-time newspaper editor...
Song for My Father
Song for My Father dramatizes the complex losses in the life of a child whose...
Talk About God & Other Stories
Recruits in a boot camp go through tough training exercises to become an elite cadre...
Playing Naomi
Liz is waiting for her big break in Hollywood, when a different offer comes her...
Italians as indentured labourers in Southern cotton plantations at the turn of the twentieth century? Entire families scrabbling to survive, dying of malaria, building relationships with their neighbours, many the first generation of freed slaves? Sweet Hope unleashes the little known story of Italians who came looking for a better life in La Terra Nuova and found hardship, misery and their own form of slavery instead.
Sweet Hope

Mary Bucci Bush
Sweet Hope
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