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In the Claws of the Cat
In a small town like Chesterville, homicides are as rare as government grants. So it's...
Stay With Me, Lella
Johnny and Carla DiGiacomo are the hub of a big, extended conventional Italian American family....
Stained Glass
In Montreal in the spring of 1990, a woman named X falls in love with...
Women and Lovers
A novel of loss and retrieval. The main protagonists are Agostina and Giulia, mother and...
The light of the soul: Neruda, the white raven, the black cat
Beginning with seductive thoughts from Neruda's memorias, and brooding over the legends of the Haida...
Charlotte--a gifted but broken jazz singer--has found security and support under the roof of an...
Enter the cross-cultural tale of gusto and enchantment, adaptation and loss, preserving the old ways of making a life. Presented in six acts with intermissions and curtain calls, it is a new form of literature presented in interactive libretto form. Read it silently, read it out loud, or step upon the imaginary stage of all life to commandeer the operatic recitative called sing/speak. Il Vagabondo is a love story-an opera rusticana of the people, by the people, for the people. It is all true. Il Vagabondo is an interactive work, creating a new genre that can be read in 5 ways: 1....

O my geezis!

I came as fast as I could!

Broke the land-speed record

Four-wheel skid/ into the curb

of North York.

Only to find

the hose is out:

The Old Guy squeegeeing,

the clean wet concrete

in front of the garage

The plastic colanders and steel pots

all on their sides.

Dammit I hate my life!

I came as fast as I... "
Il Vagabondo: An Urban Opera

Glenn Carley
Il Vagabondo: An Urban Opera
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