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Via Roma: Between 2 Worlds, 2 Men
A story of love and lust with philosophical overtones, Via Roma oscillates between joy and...
Amazon Angel
First published in 1982, Amazon Angel describes a journey into the realm of colour. Inspired...
The Voyageur
The Voyageur is a graphic novel, illustrated by Nick Marinkovich (KENK, Marvel's When The Hulk...
La Famille Gaetano
La Famille Gaetano is the French translation of F.G. Paci's The Italians (1978), considered one...
Somewhere in the Stars
Taking place during World War II, Somewhere in the Stars is the story of three...
Sometimes It Snows in America
Born into Somali royalty and Saudi Arabian wealth, Fatma is given away in infancy and,...
Peace Tower is about the struggles to adjust to the first year of marriage. Mark Trecroci and Jennifer Drury, a young couple in love, learn what it means to uncover the reality behind the love. Living in Ottawa, under the shadow of the Parliament Buildings, the young couple go through the painful process of trial and sacrifice to achieve a working peace. F.G. Paci is best known for Black Madonna (1982), a powerful feminist novel. Peace Tower is his twelfth novel. It is also the seventh in the novel series that began with Black Blood (1991). Guernica has published Italian...
Peace Tower

F.G. Paci
Peace Tower
The House on Selkirk Avenue
Ramya's Treasure
The Goat in the Tree
Italian Shoes
The Magic Dogs of San Vicente
Angelina's Lips
Fatal Light Awareness
The Coincidence
Isabelle's Notebooks
The Sea-Wave