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Intimate Dialogues
There are two of them, she and he. They live together. She would like to...
Leaves on Frozen Ground
CĂ©line Vaillancourt saw the untamed forest in shades of apprehension. But Edmund, her 11-year-old son,...
The Comic
A bored part-time college English instructor who teaches a class called "Humour in Classical Novels"...
Stone Woman
Stone Woman is a saga of Blossom's unconventional family of five women, whose lives are...
Rosemary Bluebell
When Rosemary grows tired of her father's overstatements and boasting with respect to her supernatural...
In this classic love story featuring passion, jealousy and murder, and set in pre-World War...
A story of mean drunks and happy ones, and of the women who often outlive them, My Grandmother's Pill is a rollercoaster ride through three generations of abuse and addiction. On the heels of divorce, Maude's relationship with Seamus sets the scene for her struggle to break free.

"The women in my family always classified men as either mean drunks or happy drunks. With happy drunks, they smiled as they dried their dishes with cotton dishtowels or sat at the Formica top and chrome leg kitchen table with their cigarettes and tea. Uncle Art, for instance, was a... "
My Grandmother's Pill

Lisa Pike
My Grandmother's Pill
The Transaction
Talk About God & Other Stories
Hard Edge
A Day in June
Stained Glass
Portrait of a husband with the ashes of his wife
No Safeguards
Made in Italy
Mad Hatter
The King of the Sea Monkeys
Cadillac Road