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The Loss of the Miraculous
Three men and a young woman in an American town and a wild and brilliant...
McKinley's Ghost & the Little Tin Truck
McKinley's Ghost & the Little Tin Truck tells the story of the Millers, a fictional...
The Sandwoman
Ouellette-Michalska's feminism is subtle. She understands that repression imprisons men as well as women ......
The Golden Shower: Or What Men Want
The first novel by renowned Slovene publisher, politician, and TV personality Luka Novak is an...
À la hauteur de Grand Central Station je me suis assise et j'ai pleuré
By Grand Central Station est l'une des oeuvres les plus dénudées, les plus écorchées vives...
Fatal Light Awareness
Leonard Edison's wife has a dark and frightening premonition - that her husband will die...
A Latino bar in Toronto, 1978. The men can't take their eyes off Lisa, but there is something about her that scares them off. She is a little too intense, a little too needy. Don, a realtor with a murky South American past, is unfazed. He listens patiently when Lisa tells him she is looking for her father, a wealthy man living in Argentina. Or so she says. Determined to find her roots, Lisa goes to Argentina. It's a journey born of longing for love and the desperate need for something solid to hold on to. Don offers to come...

"Santos listened to Lisa with a smile like false teeth. His face was sharply divided, the lower half benevolent, the upper half brutal, menacing, incapable of being domesticated."
Head Games

Erika Rummel
Head Games
Stained Glass
The Tenants of the Hotel Biron
A Father's Revenge
The Eel
Amor, Amor
Trinàcria: A Tale of Bourbon Sicily
Broke City
Stay With Me, Lella
The Magic Dogs of San Vicente
Dark Man
The Goat in the Tree
Max's Folly