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Quill of the Dove
French journalist Marc Taragon is at the apex of his career in 2007. A tenacious...
Picture Theory
A novel first published in French in 1982, Picture Theory demonstrates Nicole Brossard's fiction théorique...
The Eel
Writer Jack Fingon realizes too late that his life of "intuition and attraction" has produced...
Chronicling the conflicts and misunderstandings between a father and his son as Italian immigrants in Montreal.
An Idea About My Dead Uncle
A young, mixed-race composer, raised without meaningful connections to his Chinese heritage and struggling with...
Stained Glass
In Montreal in the spring of 1990, a woman named X falls in love with...
In post WWII Italy, Passero, the son of a winemaker killed by the Nazis, commits an impetuous act. He kidnaps a young orphaned girl and offers her up in exchange for his own freedom. His actions create a lifelong connection with her culminating in an adulterous affair in Toronto in the 1960s, while he is building a life with another woman. The union produces an illegitimate son named Ethan, who, in time, becomes an artist and inherits the vineyard once belonging to Passero's family. The vineyard, as the artist discovers, is a place where truth extends from fiction, a place...

"What do you think you are, Vincenzo? A sparrow? Is that what you think you are … a passero?"
The New Vine

Robert Marrone
The New Vine
Portrait of a husband with the ashes of his wife
A Bridge of Leaves
The Mezzogiorno Social Club
Rosemary Bluebell
Made in Italy
Melba's Wash
La Famille Gaetano
Mouth of Truth: Buried Secrets
The Occidental Hotel
Claiming Kin
The Afrikaner
Maniac Drifter