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Exterminated Angel
GĂ©rald Godin gives us an astonishing first novel written in the tradition of the American...
Stay With Me, Lella
Johnny and Carla DiGiacomo are the hub of a big, extended conventional Italian American family....
Somewhere in the West Bank, an Israeli patrol is attacked by Palestinian commandos. One soldier...
The Sea-Wave
A flash fiction novel, The Sea-Wave details the aftermath of the kidnapping by an elderly...
In the Claws of the Cat
In a small town like Chesterville, homicides are as rare as government grants. So it's...
Women and Lovers
A novel of loss and retrieval. The main protagonists are Agostina and Giulia, mother and...
Summer of the Dancing Bear is a historical novel about the "rite of passage"of 14-year-old Kata befriended by a gypsy clan. The novel explores Kata's search for a viable identity, acceptance of death, and understanding of love, through her journey of solving the mystery of the disappearance of a two-year-old girl that occurred when Kata was eight years old. The story evolves within a village community polarized by racial intolerance between the villagers and the gypsies, where she grows up under the tutelage of her grandmother. It is set in 1960s Yugoslavia, still reeling from the horrors of the Second...
Summer of the Dancing Bear

Bianca Lakoseljac
Summer of the Dancing Bear
A Tale of Beauty
8:17 pm, rue Darling
The Daughter of Christopher Columbus
Claiming Kin
A Father's Revenge
Leper Tango
Hard Edge
Broke City
Fabrizio's Passion
The Voyageur 2: Into the New World
Song for My Father