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The New Vine
In post WWII Italy, Passero, the son of a winemaker killed by the Nazis, commits...
Bellecour is about a man's metaphysical return to a series of enigmatic sexual moments that...
La Famille Gaetano
La Famille Gaetano is the French translation of F.G. Paci's The Italians (1978), considered one...
Everything I Own
Songwriter Michel Laflamme is stuck in traffic on Montreal's Jacques Cartier Bridge. While waiting for...
Girls Closed In
In this novel from a Quebecois feminist writer, a shy sixteen-year-old falls in love with...
Vinnie and Me
Vinnie and Me, Fiorella De Luca Calce's second novel, could be considered the second part...
In this lyrical novella, reminiscent of Marguerite Duras, Suzanne Jacob describes the poignant sojourn of twins on a Maine beach. Mourning the death of their mother, they confront their present by juxtaposing it with their past together.
A Beach in Maine

Suzanne Jacob, Susanna Finnell
A Beach in Maine
Italian Shoes
Venera Dreams: A Weird Entertainment
Fabrizio's Passion
My Grandmother's Pill
Fate's Instruments: No Safeguards 2 - Paul's Story
Stay With Me, Lella
The Lion's Mouth
Olivo Oliva
Dark Man
The Loss of the Miraculous
Comment dire
Moncton Mantra