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These Shadows Remain: A Fable
Images overrun the world. Toons filled with rage and hate hunger for life. A war...
Le Putain
Quinze minutes de retard. Elle va bientôt arriver. Cela fait deux ans qu'elle arrive bientôt,...
Max's Folly
Max has been a freelance reporter dodging bullets in Latin America, a small-time newspaper editor...
Via Roma: Between 2 Worlds, 2 Men
A story of love and lust with philosophical overtones, Via Roma oscillates between joy and...
Stained Glass
In Montreal in the spring of 1990, a woman named X falls in love with...
In Pursuit of Truth
In this satirical take on the goings on in the halls of academia, Christian private-college...
Hard Edge is about art, modern art and the age-old art of seduction and betrayal, set in Ontario, New York, and Paris. It tells the story of a young teacher and writer, Mark Trecroci, and his relationship with Lisa James, a serious and dedicated painter who tries to live her art without compromises.
Hard Edge

F.G. Paci
Hard Edge
Peace Tower
Zoo and Crowbar
Lydia Thrippe!: A Critic's Diary Followed by the Lydiad
Through the Sad Wood Our Corpses Will Hang
Olivo Oliva
The Past at Our Feet
No. 22 Pleasure City
The Morelli Thing
Playing Naomi
Girls Closed In
David and the Daydreams