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Gens du silence
A powerful drama on the struggles encountered by immigrant families caught in worlds they didn't...
Homeground was a finalist in the Drama category for the 1991 Writers Guild of Alberta...
The Canadian Duce
In June 1940, as Benito Mussolini took Italy into war against the Allied Powers, the...
Mazilli's Shoes
Mazilli never lets go. Mazilli is a man who will not compromise or dilute the...
Love Letters
Love Letters was born from the reexamination of a poet wildly adored in the first...
Tattoo Joint
A blind tattoo artist named Joint has his reclusive lifestyle turned on end when a...
Dolores Street and Wine Country are two plays that humorously yet dramatically capture San Francisco lesbian culture. By satirizing the lesbian in her quest for love and identity,Theresa Carilli renders funny, moving, and candid portraits of lesbian life. In Dolores Street, four quirky roommates arrange a dinner party from a personal ad. As the four women prepare for the event, they comically struggle to understand their ill-fated love affairs. Wine Country depicts the trials of love triangles.
Women as Lovers

Theresa Carilli
Women as Lovers
Dog and Crow
The Inventor of the Horse
Natural Stories #1
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Camerado & The Trial of Pius XII: Two Plays
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Sister and Lovers
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Smile, you're getting old!
Manifesto for a New Theatre: Followed by Infabulation
The Divine Sisters