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The Inventor of the Horse
Plays included in this collection: The Big Bun, The Inventor of the Horse, and War....
Camerado & The Trial of Pius XII: Two Plays
Camerado is a play presenting the very dramatic life and compelling thoughts of Walt Whitman,...
Foreplay: Followed by My Italian Wife
Foreplay, a black comedy in three acts, explores the relationship of an economically well-out but...
Gens du silence
A powerful drama on the struggles encountered by immigrant families caught in worlds they didn't...
Naked brilliantly illustrates the theatricalist mode Pirandello invented for dramatizing multiple points of view simultaneously....
Writing Cultural Difference: Italian-Canadian Creative and Critical Works
Writing Cultural Difference is a welcome addition to Canadian literary studies. The publication of this...
Love Letters was born from the reexamination of a poet wildly adored in the first half of the 20th century -- during the First World War and the Fascist Era -- and then reviled with equal passion in the second half. I had in hand many of his personal letters, which remain unedited because the many women D'Annunzio loved -- or at least those whom he courted and made love to -- kept them jealously for themselves. In my drama, D'Annunzio's love letters become the dark spirit of a thorny relationship between a mother and daughter. The reading of them...
Love Letters

Dacia Maraini, Thomas Simpson
Love Letters
Piece Work
Women as Lovers
Familial Circles
A Woman of Lemnos
Marinetti Dines with the High Command
I Is Another
Tattoo Joint
Smile, you're getting old!
The Nativity Scene
The Canadian Duce
Dog and Crow
The Countess Plays