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Naked brilliantly illustrates the theatricalist mode Pirandello invented for dramatizing multiple points of view simultaneously....
Duo for Obstinate Voices
Duo for Obstinate Voices is set in Quebec between 1970 and 1975, against the backdrop...
Voiceless People and Addolorata: Two Plays
Marco Micone's first play, Voiceless People, portrays the exploitation of first-generation Italian immigrants Addolorata focuses...
The Divine Sisters
The original French version of this play, Les Divines, produced in 1996, continues an exploration...
Mazilli's Shoes
Mazilli never lets go. Mazilli is a man who will not compromise or dilute the...
Tattoo Joint
A blind tattoo artist named Joint has his reclusive lifestyle turned on end when a...
Surely a woman who chooses a white rat as a pet and calls him Mr. Loverat is worthy of our attention. Ginny is slightly crazy - she takes her rat to a posh restaurant! And she jumps on the helter-skelter ride of life. In this fun and questioning journey from Ginny's 45th to 62nd birthday, we eavesdrop on her musings and her conversations with friends and family as she weaves a path through the obsessions of a generation that does not want to accept that we all grow old.
Smile, you're getting old!

√Čvelyne Wilwerth, Christine Tipper
Smile, you're getting old!
Gens du silence
Sarrasine: A Screenplay
Love Letters
The Countess Plays
The Savage Father
Only Prostitutes Marry in May
A Woman of Lemnos
Manifesto for a New Theatre: Followed by Infabulation
Familial Circles
Marinetti Dines with the High Command
Beyond the Ruins