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Tattoo Joint
A blind tattoo artist named Joint has his reclusive lifestyle turned on end when a...
Addolorata: théâtre
Amérique du Sud, rue Jean-Talon, Saint-Léonard, Padre Pio, JOHNNY Christ, Montréal, téléjournal, Pagliacci, Westmount, Roxboro,...
Gens du silence
A powerful drama on the struggles encountered by immigrant families caught in worlds they didn't...
Foreplay: Followed by My Italian Wife
Foreplay, a black comedy in three acts, explores the relationship of an economically well-out but...
Piece Work
Set in Montreal in the early 1980s, Piece Work is a full-length stage play about...
Homeground was a finalist in the Drama category for the 1991 Writers Guild of Alberta...
Author of more than 60 plays and considered on a par with Pirandello, Eduardo De Filippo's signature piece, The Nativity Scene (Natale in Casa Cupiello, 1931), originally written in Neopolitan, is here presented for the first time in English translation.
The Nativity Scene

Eduardo De Filippo, Anthony Molino, Paul N. Feinberg
The Nativity Scene
The Canadian Duce
Manifesto for a New Theatre: Followed by Infabulation
Sex Therapy
Familial Circles
Beyond the Ruins
Only Prostitutes Marry in May
Love Letters
I Is Another
Mazilli's Shoes
The Savage Father
Smile, you're getting old!