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The Canadian Duce
In June 1940, as Benito Mussolini took Italy into war against the Allied Powers, the...
Familial Circles
Theresa Carilli demonstrates how the Italian-American family communicates in a web of never-ending conflict with...
Natural Stories #1
To his European audience Sanguineti is the intellectual confrère of writers such as Italo Calvino...
Writing Cultural Difference: Italian-Canadian Creative and Critical Works
Writing Cultural Difference is a welcome addition to Canadian literary studies. The publication of this...
Beyond the Ruins
The original version of this play, the last part of a trilogy on the theme...
Love Letters
Love Letters was born from the reexamination of a poet wildly adored in the first...
One of Pasolini's least known books, it is also one of his most important challenges to himself and to the world. The book pits assumed Western cultural supremacy against the battle for Africa's freedom and self-assertion. The Savage Father offers a deep analysis of the internal struggles between the colonizer and the colonized, as well as showing us the externalized conditioning to which both are prey.
The Savage Father

Pier Paolo Pasolini, Pasquale Verdicchio
The Savage Father
Smile, you're getting old!
Camerado & The Trial of Pius XII: Two Plays
Tattoo Joint
The Divine Sisters
The Nativity Scene
Dog and Crow
La Fresque de Mussolini
Marinetti Dines with the High Command
The Countess Plays
Sarrasine: A Screenplay