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Tattoo Joint
A blind tattoo artist named Joint has his reclusive lifestyle turned on end when a...
Homeground was a finalist in the Drama category for the 1991 Writers Guild of Alberta...
The Countess Plays
The Countess hides behind caricature to better obtain her ends. But all her moods give...
Natural Stories #1
To his European audience Sanguineti is the intellectual confrère of writers such as Italo Calvino...
Mazilli's Shoes
Mazilli never lets go. Mazilli is a man who will not compromise or dilute the...
Manifesto for a New Theatre: Followed by Infabulation
Pasolini published the Manifesto for a New Theatre in Nuovi Argomenti in 1968, while...
One of Pasolini's least known books, it is also one of his most important challenges to himself and to the world. The book pits assumed Western cultural supremacy against the battle for Africa's freedom and self-assertion. The Savage Father offers a deep analysis of the internal struggles between the colonizer and the colonized, as well as showing us the externalized conditioning to which both are prey.
The Savage Father

Pier Paolo Pasolini, Pasquale Verdicchio
The Savage Father
Only Prostitutes Marry in May
Familial Circles
The Nativity Scene
The Divine Sisters
Beyond the Ruins
Dog and Crow
The Inventor of the Horse
I Is Another
Sex Therapy
Love Letters
Smile, you're getting old!
Duo for Obstinate Voices